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    Well we have started having family sessions for difficult child 1 on Sunday so she doesn't have to be pulled out of school. Her counselor that does this actually comes in on her day off for this. :angel: We always meet with her first then we have our session. We met today and discussed many things as usual. One of which was that difficult child said she doesn't have a problem with change :smile: :smile: :rolleyes: :crazy2: I actually asked difficult child 1 if she had been taken over by aliens :wink:when we discussed it after she got there. She didn't appreciate that but good grief. DENIAL!!! So we were talking a lot of her negativity when she talks to others. No she said she didn't know she was that way. :hammer: So we discussed alternatives to how to address people without the negatiity to start with. Now when we talk on the phone it is 4 positive things she must say (can be about anything as long as positive) before we move on in the conversation. We shall see.

    Then she tells us she doesn't want to be an adult. :smile: :hammer: :rofl: :rolleyes: Not a choice little lady. And she doesn't have a problem with change!!!

    We actually have had a lot of luck with this placement and these workers. :thumbsup: I even can almost say I trust them. I don't say that lightly. I have even asked a couple of guarded questions about things that happen at gfg2s facility. When I asked her why she doesn't have a problem with my questions and all the other facilities do she said she appreciates parents that are involved. She also said don't let them intimidate us into no asking. They are our kids and we have that right. She has some other parents that are involved with their kids but she has never had parents as involved and dedicated as we are. :bow: :bow: And I actually hold back some. Ah well, she runs the girls house in the town where difficult child 1 is and works some at the boys house (completely separated). Maybe after difficult child 1 gets out I should try to get difficult child 2 transferred into the boys house there. I would work on it sooner but we can't have the two at the same facility and the boy house and girl house do interact.

    Well sorry so long winded but had a lot on my mind. :whew:

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    Actually, I rather admire your daughter's realization that she doesn't want to be an adult. Most kids think adulthood is so much better. They don't think of the responsibilities that come with adulthood. So, while she may have to become one, at least she's smart enough to realize it's not a bowl of cherries.

    I think many don't realize how negative they really are. They may be trying to protect themselves from hurt or disappointment and, thus, always mention the bad first. I have a friend like that. I pretty much ignore her first 15 minutes of conversation because it will be one negative thing after another. After that, she's one of the most enjoyable people I know.

    You do have an awesome counselor there! I know when my daughter was in Residential Treatment Center (RTC), the staff was amazed I was so involved and also so unhappy that I was. It finally took my social worker to get them to understand that they may have rules there but the final say-so was still in my hands. Cherish this woman. You won't find many like her in the world of problem children.

    All in all, it sounded like a pretty good session. Your daughter may not be totally honest about herself but she could be much worse. Most importantly, it sounded like she did listen to what you had to say even if she didn't agree. Hope the good work keeps up!
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    Wow! Sounds like you have one of the best facilities any of us have had our kids in. I know that the best my son has been in/seen doctors at are the devel pediatrician we saw for a few years until insurance changes forced changes and the psychiatric hospital that the state children's insurance paid for. The private hospital that we saw for the other hospitalizations totally stunk.

    I hope you can get your son in when your daughter leaves.

    Your daughter sure had some funny things to say. Is she planning to be a comedian?? I didn't know that being an adult was optional.


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    DITTO!!! That is amazing!

    You sound relieved.
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    I live in a world where we have had bad facilities and I know with this one someone was looking out for all involved.

    I made a comment to the counselor that I commend her for the job she does because I could never do it. She looked at me for a second and said that wasn't true I do her job and more and that we were the ones to be commended for all we do.

    I think with this place being so good it makes gfg2s facilities flaws that much bigger.