She passed GED

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by exhausted, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. exhausted

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    Well, she passed the GED with flying colors this week, as expected. Mostly in the 90th percentile with math being the exception. She is a year and a half early (would have been a junior this year). We are happy for her-she might have a job as well-interview Monday at close-by supermarket. It would be perfect even when she starts college in Jan.(If that happens, who knows)

    She's been ok at home because she has been so busy all week. Still on pins and needles every weekend. I'm feeling that she will take off tonight. With her state diploma in hand now,I bet she will try to find somewhere to celebrate instead of with her family. I have a concert tonight and the plan is for the family to come and then we will go enjoy dinner together. Its after 5 and she isnt here after promising me. I even bought her ticket ($20). Her word is a crumbly thing that means nothing to her. It hurts to have her promise and then not be here to support me after all we have done to support her.
    The selfishness is just beyond belief. 9 months until 18.
  2. buddy

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    Glad she passed, gives you a little peace of mind and when she is 18 you know she will stand a chance of either getting a job or moving on in what she want to do when you ask her to move on.

    Well, I would have truly loved to use her ticket! Hope the concert is going well....
  3. Steely

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    Sending HUGS.........I am hoping that she stays grounded this weekend. I know it is all so hard. Let us know what happens.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Congrats on her passing her GED with such good results - shows what she can do when she puts her mind to it.

    Did she ever show last night?

  5. Methuselah

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    Hi Exhausted. Did she make it to your show? I'm sorry your daughter is so selfish and doesn't recognize nor appreciate the help you have given her. She would never understand your need to count the days until her 18th birthday--your first day of choice not obligation. Mine doesn't. Never will.
  6. exhausted

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    Yes Steely-she is amazingly smart and charming when she decides to be! I am relieved it is done.

    Well I looked up after the second number and in comes this motley crew-my son, his life long friends (the twins), and daughter! I almost lost it and started to cry. She got home late-said she heard 6:40 instead of 5:40 for the go time (not true...). They all 4 looked like your typical kids, my son in shorts (32 degrees last night), not quite concert attire, but they were there. My son is such a great kid. He knew it would kill me if they didn't come-despite the fact that he had worked all day and he has his own gig today-he made sure they were there. They enjoyed it (I have to say it was pretty great!)

    My husband on the other hand was not so forgiving. He sat in the loft scowling. After the concert he nailed her for being late, told her she was "phony" and if it wasn't for her brother, she had no intention of coming. She came back with some choice words. It's sad, but at least they are expressing their feelings. Before I was the bad guy and husband only did the sugar work. She thought he walked on water. Now if we could just refine the language and the methods.

    It was nice to have them all there!
  7. TerryJ2

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    Congratulations!!! That is so great. You always knew she was smart.
    So sorry about the spat between husband and your daughter. I hope they can get past that.
    I would totally lower my expectations, and just be happy that she showed up, even if it was for her brother. Oh well. Your husband will have to learn on his own. You've all come a long way.