She told him not to

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    So wife went ahead and did it -- told our 8 y.o. son that he shouldn't take the pills and that they would give him a headache and that he should try and control his behavior on his own. I couldn't convince him to take it without her permission and could only convince her to give him a chance to titrate it down. I can only look forward to him being overwhelmed again by the noise in his brain, to camp counselors holding him down, and to cops called to school. She's in her another BiPolar (BP) episode with plenty of rage and f u for everyone.
    What to do.
    If I could get custody I would go for a divorce in a split second.

    Me married dad almost 50
    difficult child 8 y.o. boy BiPolar (BP) on ablfy
    wife, other kids
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    Is this your son or your step-son? If he is your son, you may be able to get custody. Please contact an attorney specializing in dad's rights. You may need to hang in there for a little while so you can gather documentation but it is possible.
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    He's my son alrite. Talked to just such an attorney today; full custody is very hard to get and I am afraid of her getting partial custody -- then I wouldnt be there to at least mitigate her.