She was doing so much better. Why the heck is she screwing up now?!


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Right after I posted about how great difficult child was doing getting herself up and on the bus in time for school every morning, she goes and blows it. She had a track record of six straight weeks going to school every single day. We had her IEP last month and everybody raved and how wonderful she's been doing. Now she goes and misses the bus five times in the last two weeks! Twice it was from shaving her legs in the bath. She lost track of time. Three times she got ready then went to lay back down for a "few minutes" because she had extra time. She slept right through the time she was supposed to go down stairs and get on the bus.

I am so fed up with her. Just as I was having high hopes of her graduating on time and being able to hold down a job and be self sufficient, she goes and acts irresponsibly again. Back are all my worries about her not graduating. I am now wondering how she will ever be able to make it in the real world if she can't be responsible enough to get to school. Imagine her explaining to her future boss that she missed work because she was too busy shaving her legs! I thought she was doing so much better and now I am just so frustrated! Anyway, just needed to vent a little.


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CM, I didn't want you to think nobody read this. I'm sure many did, but, since it was a vent, there is not much to say. You can't predict the future. She may do fine and be much better in ten years. Hard to know.

For now...I can offer hugs for your hurting mommy heart.


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Just when you think you've had a break through....BAM!!

I get it!

Hang in.....I hope things improve for you and yours :).


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The principal ended up coming to our house and hauling her butt off to school on Wednesday. I'm sure she got a big lecture. Good news is she did make it on the bus yesterday and today. We have two more weeks of school and a week till finals. I hope we have all talked enough sense into her that she will be responsible for the remainder of the school year. One of my student assistants at my work just found out he's not graduating and it's sort of hitting close to home. I was close to this kid but he had horrible attendance all year. As a result, he failed most of his classes and is being sent over to adult ed. I watched him today as he walked over to the activities office to get a refund on the prom tickets he just bought. I am bummed for him but he did bring it upon himself. I am hoping and praying neither one of my kids have to learn the hard way like my student just did.