She's going to re-take the class!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I am pleased as punch. It took some convincing but difficult child is going to take the phlebotomy class over again!!!

    After saying all the usual things a mom would say to convince her kid to give it another go, I finally just said the: "In 4 months you could be a certified, employable phlebotomist. OR, in 4 months you could be exactly where you are today." She said, "gee, thanks mom". LOL

    Anyway, the director called me back and I asked her what difficult child had to do and explained that we're plain tapped financially, but is there any financial award money available, etc. And she totally surprised me by offering difficult child the entire program for only 1/2 price! How cool is that? And we can pay in 3 installments.

    So, I will pay the first third and difficult child will pay to rest!! The only not so great thing is that difficult child will have to do the night program, which she doesn't want to do, but she has to, plain and simple.

    So I am so excited that she wants to give it another go. She's very worried about failing again, but I pointed out to her that she's already taken the class so she already knows most of the material and can really focus on the areas in which she had difficulty. She also has already 'stuck' people, so she has that under her belt as well.

    I have to thank you Lisa for nudging me to give her another shot. I'm so glad I did and that she's come round to it.
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    Good for her I wish her much success. -RM
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    Good news Jo....glad that the instructor is being helpful. Most are. One of my "other" children recently graduated from a program like difficult child is going to...she has an interview today with a local hospital so I spent last night on the phone with her preparing her for the interview. I'm hoping she gets the job---she so needs some success. Much like your difficult child she has struggled to stay on the right track.
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    Good for you and for difficult child!!!!! :D

    I look at it as she has 2 major hurdles already covered. The fear of sticking people is gone. She's already done it. And the overwhelming "how do they think I can remember all this stuff" part. Because she already is familiar with a huge chunk of it. Like you said, she can bone up on what she already knows and crack down on the areas she's weak in.

    Great that they were willing to work with you! :)

  5. Suz

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    That's wonderful, Jo!

    Is tutoring available? Or study groups?

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    Jo, that's great.
    Good for difficult child, and glad that you and she talked it over.

    I agree with the others. difficult child can focus on the materials that she struggled with during the last round. Also, since the instructor seems to be on-side, there might be a good opportunity for difficult child to get extra help or tutoring on those areas.

    And it's great that they're willing to help with the finances too.

    I think difficult child will benefit greatly from this. Not just from finishing the course and improving her career prospects, but also from learning that sometimes failure is a great teacher and an opportunity to learn, grow and reach out for bigger and better things.

    Wow! I'm tickled pink.

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    If she gets stuck (pun intended), advise her to go to the instructor for extra help. Most teachers are very glad to help students who really are trying to learn the information.