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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by exhausted, Dec 13, 2011.

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    So this is day 2 of difficult child's new job at local supermarket. She has training tonight until 10:00 at another branch. She got her uniform and discount cards and did online training yesterday. She is so excited. I did buy her new work shoes with good support last night after her shift. I told her it was part of Christmas and this she didn't have to pay back. She will be paying us $25.00 a week to pay back JJS fines, stealing and gas money for having to pick her up in the next town twice. This will take her months to pay off. She is the one who made the deal. I thought it was a miracle that she even cared. I'm happy for her.

    Still worried about what she'll do with money. Will she get a phone and begin insane calling at all hours as she did before? Will she buy pot? We told her she would have to set up the account with 10% going into savings. She was more than willing. Her brother has done that since 17 and has a nice nest egg. She has been doing well for about 2 weeks-crossing fingers!
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    Congratulations to difficult child! That is awesome.
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    That is great!! Congrats to your difficult child. It gives me hope for my daughter.
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    Congratulations to your difficult child! I hope that she continues along this good path.