Shhhh...things are looking up (an update)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I'm afraid to say anything for fear of the board curse....

    easy child is doing great at College there is a strong chance that he's dating "the One" right now. She's a wonderful girl and the both of them are very happy. They are talking about visiting us over Easter break.

    Steph is back in our lives!!!!!! OMG! She's my old girl. She's set to graduate in June. She's working hard to get a job in the Shipyard. She's really got her act together. And she's apologized over and over for how she acted in the past. She regrets her past actions. I love having her back!

    Ant is getting a second chance. His Uncle is taking him to Oregon to work in one of the Saw Mills down there. This will get Ant out of our Town and away from all of his so-called friends. He's got a chance. Let's hope he grabs it with both hands and holds on tight.

    husband and I are doing great. We are a week away from our 15th anniversary. And we love each other more than when we got married.

    And we have a new member in the family. Miss Blossom. husband's Aunt cannot have Miss Blossom in her new place so she is now our newest member. She's about 8 yrs old. She's Black Lab/Pit mix. She looks like Miss Daisy's younger sister. And it's a good thing that we have someone new. Miss Annie won't be with us much longer. She's got cancer and it's spreading fast. So now Miss Daisy won't be alone when Miss Annie leaves us.

    Grandma is as ornery as ever! And Grumpus is still Grumpy! We are still helping out to give Mom & Dad breaks. We've discovered that if we take Grumpus out without Grandma, his grumpies go away. So every other month we take out Grumpus without Grandma! But then we owe Grandma a dozen times out so it's fair (in her world).

    For the moment, life is looking good so I'm off to soak it up while it lasts.
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Great update! Hope it continues for a good long while! :)
  3. TeDo

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    I am soooooooo glad to hear all that. Hold on to it!! (Said in a secret *whisper*)
  4. TerryJ2

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    What a GREAT update! Thank you so much for letting us know. Fingers crossed that all remains calm and on target. :choir:
  5. DDD

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    Enjoy the upswing and thanks for sharing with us. It's always great to read that a family member is not in crisis. Hugs. DDD
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    Really great news... so fun to hear this stuff because it reminds me that there are great upswings.

    I always smile when I see your name... I just automatically read it as to odd (the word not the diagnosis) son. I know better but my mind slips there too fast (wish it would be fast with other things).

    Sounds like a good time to enjoy life for all it is worth. Hope the girlfriend is in his life for a long long time and they are happy. Also hope the chance with uncle goes well. I love that you have your daughter there and she is doing well. HUGS all around. Dee