Shined up armor and jump in the deep water with it

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    Let's hope I can swim with it on.

    Our case worker made an attempt to help us ( at least that is her stor). Her supervisor had to contact "the powers that be" to see if we could get things going the way they are supposed to be for difficult child 1. The way we were originally told.

    She really didn't accomplish anything because the two things that she got approved can't happen. Of course that is the way it always works. She just needs to be able to stay where she is for a while longer like we were told she would be able to.

    So tonight after I got off the phone with the person at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) we work with the most on this and I emailed our attorney to see where we should could go with this.

    Then I sent out two other emails. The ones that scare the holy moly out of me. I wrote to the director of the department of human services and our governor. I dont' know if they will get involved. But I do know that I will place in the mail a hard copy and have those sent with receipt to senders on them. Then I will have the proof. I just wanted to make sure I made the contact before I chickened out again.

    I am so afraid that we will deal with fall out with the other kids on this. But at this point not a whole lot they can do to us that hasn't already been done.

    I never thought I would say this but if we dont' have the changes we need and or want by the beginning of April I am contemplating going to the press. Then maybe a change will happen in our county. As it seems from most of what I have heard that ours is about the only one that does that crappy **** this one does.

    So on my trusty stead I am charging head long into this battle. I thought I was fighting a battle before. I just didn't know that it was only a mild skirmish.

    Heaven help us with this because I think at this point that is where the help is going to have to come from.

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    :warrior::warrior::warrior::warrior: I wish it didn't have to be so difficult. You are an amazing warrior mom!:warrior::warrior::warrior::warrior:
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    I know it is hard. And scary. But it is the right thing to do.

    Go to the press. Give them a specific amount of time (in your head, NOT stated) and then make some contacts with the press. Any way you can.

    Our kids have huge, scary problems. The idiotic system is huge, and complicated, but really, how scary is it compared to what our kids go through and put us through??? After a difficult child, a case worker should be EASY!!! (Case workers rarely hit you, spit on you, call you obsene things, or break all your toys!)

    Sending hugs. And LOTS of support!!!!!!

    You are a great warrior mom!!

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    What you did is really not bad at all. I did it and got results. My biggest mistake was probably cc'ing the director of social services but only because I worked for
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    Go get 'em girl!! :warrior::warrior::warrior:

    They ain't seen nuthin' til they've seen a warrior Mom in full battle gear!

    And they don't know you got us in your corner too. We're your invisible cheering section. :sword:

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    You go girl!:you_go_girl:

    Sending you some fins, a snorkel, and some goggles for your deep water armor - and sending many big hugs of strength to fight the good fight.
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    May your armor be buoyant.

    We are indeed your cheering section. GO MOM!!
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    You go, girl!

    I don't know if you've found this to be true where you are - the system is huge, cumbersome & in a lot of ways idiotic; however the clients being treated are the same kids. It's a much smaller community of children that are in the system than I would have thought. We keep running into the same difficult children all over the place. Given that, there are a lot of children be denied services now (I know that to be true) & the bureaucracy running the in tact system is becoming to idiotic to be believable.

    I hope you go to the press. I do know that you have to have your ducks in a row for the press to listen to you. I recently (okay in the last 3 years) bought & read a book titled Adoption Policy & Special Needs Children. I was doing some research & I was not only dumbfounded by the policy but mightily discouraged.

    Keeping all body parts crossed & saying prayers for you & your difficult child this morning.
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    Lots of hugs...and several floating rings to keep you going if your armor gets heavy!
  10. Star*

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    Beth -

    I have come from my forge and my stable with Aqua-Armor and a seahorse of incomparable lines - YOU jump in the water whenever you want!!!!!!

    ps. I put a pocket on the armor with a watertight compartment so you can have tissue, note pad, paper and small video cam. (that way you don't have to stuff it all in your bra like Abbey on the first day of work)


    go kick some sea grass