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    I happened on a show on that has a major character who has Aspergers. The character, Bob, is a microbiologist I think. He is a researcher at a thinktank that deals with biological threats and advances in science.

    He is a really great character - they show areas he has trouble in, as well as his successes. Especially piognant is the way they deal with his dog. The dog is his best friend, and it has some sort of malignant disease. He tries and tries to find a way to cure this incurable disease, but realizes he has to let the dog go when she is in pain.

    The whole thing is handled amazingly well. The other characters are generally aware of his disorder AND of the amazing things he can do - of hte way he sees the world that is so different than others see it.

    Several seasons of htis are available on . The show is called ReGenesis and I recommend starting with season1 or 2 to get a real feel for the characters.

    Just thought others might like to see this depiction of an Aspie in a tv show where he is a major contributing character.
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    Boston Legal also has a major character with several disorders, including Aspergers. Of course, they sometimes play it for laughs but they also deal with the more serious side too. I love that show and this is the last season. I will definitely miss it when it's gone.
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    MM, I am a big Boston Legal fan, as well. I really like the character of Jerry. He's smart and sweet and likeable.
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    I always considered House an aspie or at least somewhere on the spectrum.
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    And then of course, there's Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. It's never stated, but golly! How could he NOT be an Aspie?

    I'm going to have to check out ReGenesis. I'd heard good things about it, but never got around to watching.
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    OK, let's make a list. Not all these shows get to free-to-air TV in Australia but there are some.

    "Monk" I feel definitely qualifies.

    The movie "Shine" about David Helfgott - I reckon Helfgott is Aspie. I don't care what his wife says.

    Many detective shows these days seem to have an obligatory 'weird' character with a mine of apparently useless information and social ineptness. Goren on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent", House - maybe, but he's allegedly a jaded character due to having become disabled (which I object to as a premise); some TV show whose name I can't think of which had Many Patinkin in it as a profiler, there is a young male profiler on that with shoulder length hair (Leopold Stokowski style) who is socially inept but a brilliant profiler with a mine of information (I just dug up from IMDB that it's "Criminal Minds", the character of Reid and yes, Asperger's is in the profile as a possibility); NCSI, Ducky (played by David McCallum) will talk about a whole lot of apparently irrelevant things and appears socially inept; same series, the character of McGee appears borderline Aspie. And while we're mentioning Mandy Patinkin, what about his character of Jeffrey Geiger in "Chicago Hope"?

    I think we're in an age when Hollywood and TV has discovered Asperger's for its fascination, entertainment value and talents and is using it.

    Any more suggestions?

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    I am on record in several places as regarding Asperger's as a survival trait.

    I work at a major University. DON'T tell me that the Academic Staff are not somewhere on the spectrum. ONLY an Aspie could focus on [whatever their speciality is] with the intensity that produces the truly original research.

    I have a colleague (just retired) who has studied for over over forty years an obscure electrical anomaly of atoms called the "Kerr Effect". About five years before he retired it was obvious that it would never have any practical use or even be very interesting.

    Marg's Man
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  8. trinityroyal

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    Marg's Man, I am in full agreement with you there.

    I do a lot of work with the provincial government, and see a LOT of spectrum-ish behaviour throughout the ranks.

    It seems to be the perfect environment. Quirkiness is tolerated, even encouraged and embraced. Each role has a tremendous amount of structure, clear definitions, and processes out the wazoo! (I'm the one who designs the Aspie is that?)

    And each role requires a healthy degree of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in order to get the work done.

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  9. Uh-oh,

    Now you have me wondering about easy child who is really enjoying his research as a graduate student. He's decided that he wants to go ahead and get his Phd and stay in the University life permanently. Could it be?

    How about some golden oldies..... Sherlock Holmes - one of my favorites of all time.

    And how about some SF "aliens".... Dr. Spock from Star Trek or Teal'c from SG-1?
  10. Fran

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    It's charming to see so many more characters portrayed with AS/High-Functioning Autism (HFA) on the TV. Unfortunately, so many more are not functioning to that level that I fear it gives a bit of a stilted view of this disorder.
    It's wonderful to be in the top tiers of functioning but it is not the majority. To paint a picture of quirkiness doesn't quite portray what most of these folks deal with.

    Susie, I will be glad to watch this show. It always gives me more insight into how my difficult child's brain works.
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    Interesting. I'll have to add that show to my list.

    Sorry, but Mr. Spock is an alien. He is half human but chooses to repress his emotions. I can see where you'd come up with-the idea, though. :)

    I've never seen Boston Legal. Another one to add to the list ...

    So far, Sheldon is still my all-time favorite.