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A child molester has been living out of his car across the street. He is supposed to registar with the state so they can keep tabs on him, but he isn't. There are drugs involved. We've been calling the police and calling the police and calling the police. They have come out a few times and told us they would love to arrest this guy and that he doesn't have a valid license. So, every time we see the car move we call the police. We did this last night and haven't seen him since, but we don't know how long he'll be gone or if they got him at all. Anyway, we're getting flyers made with his picture on it to make sure the neighbors know. We have new neighbors and I think he is targeting her kids. I think he followed them from their old neighborhood to this one. She is the one who warned us about what he has done. I looked him up on the sex offender registary and printed off the picture tonight and I'm just sick to my stomach. difficult child 1 is now scared. The neighbor kid is the one who spotted and recognized him first while he and difficult child 1 were playing outside. Neighbor kid pointed him out to difficult child 1 and told him it was a bad guy. difficult child 1 started yelling "Thats a bad guy!!" husband came running outside and got the kids inside. Then difficult child 1 started asking what a child molester was. We tried to give him warning with out scarying him, but he was already scared. Sorry if I'm rambleing. I just need to get this out. Ugh.

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Getting the word out to the neighbors is a very good idea!!! You might want to cover several surrounding blocks as he may have just moved out of your immediate area cuz of all the police calls.

Good for you to keep calling the police. Most people wouldn't have kept it up.

I hope they were able to pick him up for something.



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Keep calling! If he hasn't registered he can get arrested for that. The cops should know that. Then again, I guess he doesn't have an address. There was a man who was coaching a PAL baketball team where my kids were playing, and he was on the sex offender list. I told PAL this. They didn't care!!!! I called the newspaper and they not only put a stop to it, but it was a whole story on the front page of the region section! And now, through a grant from the Megan Kanka foundation- all coaches in my town need to have backround check! Call your local newspaper. You can be anonymous.-Alyssa


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I hope the police have already picked him up. There are so many registered sex offenders that don't supply their information - they lose track of a lot of them. But when they have one POINTED OUT TO THEM there is no excuse for the police not to take action! If he HAS checked in with them and if he HASN'T committed any crimes (yet!), they may not be able to pick him up! It's probably not a crime to be living out of a car. Usually there's a lot of other restrictions put on them though, such as not living within a certain distance from schools or other locations where children are, etc.

You're doing all the right things, getting posters out and informing the neighborhood. I agree with calling the newspaper and putting them on it. If you have a local TV station, call them too! If he hasn't complied with the rules, they will make the police look really bad for not picking him up when he had been pointed out to them!


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The sheer fact that he doesn't have a valid license should be enough to pick this guy up. If he's living in an unregistered car, that is enough and if someone recognizes him as an unregistered sex offender, that should be as well. Loitering is also a problems. I can't believe the cops can't come up with a reason to pick him up. That is just ridiculous. Call your local newspaper and get the story out. Maybe then the police will react.

Maybe you can get a neighborhood patrol going.


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Around here, if a car is in one place for more than 24 hours you can call and have it towed!

Great plan in passing out the flyers. Keep us posted.



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Doesn't it seem like the laws are sometimes in place to protect the scum of the population? I so hate the fact that "law enforcement" will say they can't do anything about so-and-so until they actually are in the act of doing something illegal. :grrr:

I hope they were able to pick this guy up! Good for you. Keep telling everyone you come in contact with - the more people who know, the better off you all are.


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In NYC we have the "Shame on You Guy" at the network news station. Call your major network affiliate (you know - ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX) and tell them that this guy is there. The'll go right up to the car and confront him!

Let us know how it goes!