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    Every year, those numbers in my signature increase. It has not been an entire year as I see difficult child is still stuck at 15 years old while the rest of my family increased one number.

    difficult child has had a change in his signature line though. He has discontinued the ADD medication for concentration. He will start 10th grade without it. He has a medication check on Friday so I asked him to be thinking about how the Citralopam is working so the psychiatrist can determine if a change is needed.

    Things continue to go very well for difficult child. He should be getting his driver's license the beginning of September. He is enrolled in an Advanced Placement History class. I am concerned about that. He will need to be very committed to giving it time every day to succeed. If I find he can't do so, I will pull him from it. He learns by listening and not by reading so this will be interesting. There will be podcasts that will help but he still has to read to cover all the material. His history teacher recommended he take this class. I know he will enjoy it if he can give it the time it needs. He wants to do it and has decided that every night from 9:00 - 10:00 will be history time.

    Diva is still working on her upcoming wedding. I still have my doubts about this guy's immature behavior. I did talk to his mom about it. I have done what I can and it has to be Diva's decision. She has had so many people talk to her but she is determined. Her bridal party plans have fallen apart on three occasions. She told her maid of honor to not come which I am glad. I never trusted her and felt deep down that she would just not show up the day of. She was never committed and planned to leave right after the ceremony anyway! Then the next person stated she couldn't come. She had two people to choose from and asked me which one. I told her which ever one fit the dress. The dresses have all been purchased. She was unable to have her choice of flower girl because of groom's immature sister insisting her kids HAD to be in the wedding. Groom and sister had blow up the other day so her kids will not be in the wedding and the original plan is back in place which makes me happy. There are just some details that the bride gets to plan. The girl is her godchild and diva has been planning that ever since she was born 5 years ago. Diva always said if she got married then goddaughter would be flower girl.

    I had my "it's fun to be a woman hysterical event" six weeks ago. Went back to work Monday and worked yesterday. I am calling in today. My body needs a break. Four hours of desk job caused a lot of tenderness, swelling, and back pain. So, I will take it easy today and back tomorrow.

    difficult child designed and built me an amazing flower garden. It is large enough for a walkway through it. He also waters the flowers and weeds it. That kept him busy this Spring. He likes to do lawn work.
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    All in all, a pretty good update. :)

    Now if difficult child really likes yard work..........................he's more than welcome to come help me anytime. I like it too, but there is so much of it and only 1 me. LOL I did recruit pcs boys to help me with weeds again last night. They're learning to enjoy yard work too, especially Darrin.

    The history class seems like a good challenge for difficult child, and eventually he needs to realize that not all learning can come from listening (I learn well that way too, or used to), better for him the younger he can learn that. Maybe He'll discover it reinforces what he's heard.

    Hope Diva's wedding becomes less dramatic and more pleasant. A wedding just should not be that much work, if it is, you need to rethink your plans or rethink the wedding for a later time.

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    Great update on difficult child! Congratulations to both of you!!!

    So sorry about Diva. This does not bode well. Be prepared for a chaotic wedding day and perhaps even a short marriage. Gosh, I wish kids would listen. Sigh.