Slapping the hand that feeds you!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dstc_99, Apr 24, 2014.

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    So difficult child is packing her apartment today in order to move her stuff to the grands house before she comes here for the summer. Apparently this is causing her great stress. I am guessing that is due to the boyfriend possibly being there. Anyway I got the crazy crying phone call first thing this am.

    difficult child doesn't want grandma to go with her and grandaddy to pack. I can completely understand this because grandma has severe limitations and will just sit in a chair all day and want to be waited on. She has too many medical issues to be of any assistance. Grandma will also demand an expensive dinner and pester her with questions about how she feels and her emotions. difficult child has made it clear she doesn't want to talk about it. Now Grandaddy is mad because grandma is upset that she isn't coming. So he is slamming doors and being irritable. Without him nothing gets moved because she isn't old enough to rent a uhaul.

    difficult child wants this day to be all about her and doesn't want to deal with grandma drama. She is upset now because she will have to spend the day with grandaddy while he is mad and not dealing well with her. I told her that one last day with grandma being a pain was probably worth it in order to just get the stuff moved. I even related difficult child's need to have the day be all about her to grandma's need to be a part of the day. Both of them are being selfish.

    Why oh why can't our difficult child's learn that sometimes it is just easier to go with the flow than to demand that it be all about difficult child's wants and needs? Seriously having her grandma sit on her butt all day and do nothing is not that big of a deal. Just get over it and get it done.
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    What? You want her to think beyond herself. Have you lost your mind. If she could do that, she would not qualify as a difficult child and then you could not be on this forum. That would be the real tragedy.
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    You are so right! OMG I almost got lulled into a state of insanity thinking she might think about someone other than herself. HEHEHEH
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