Small joys


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Yay for Tigger!
Gotta love it when they actually DO their work. :laugh:

My small joy? That my difficult child has been calm and mostly appropriate for a week! Yay! :grin:
Way To Go Tigger :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:!!!

Unfortunately, my difficult children are at their absolute "BEST" today :grrr:...!!!

However, my favorite sanity saver will be home soon from her day of beauty. And, tonight, husband is watching the kids. I have a much needed and wanted hair appointment. It's amazing how little it takes lately to make me happy :smile:...

I've got my fingers crossed that Tigger continues to do well!!! WFEN


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Good for Tigger! :laugh:

My small joy is that my trumpet vine has some flowers on it today. I have been waiting four summers for that!

Wish it would make me forget that I stepped on a yellow jacket this morning. OUCH!

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Way To Go Tigger :bravo:

My small joy was when I got home today difficult child gave me a huge hug!


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Two of my pomegranates are ripe enough to eat tomorrow before we start driving. Wished more were, but I'll take what I can get. Yum!

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All right Tigger! :bravo: Another cyber auntie here sending you hugs & :dance:.

I love the little things - makes life at home so pleasant.