So difficult child went to the PCP for x-rays yesterday...


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we won't know if he has a fractured rib until late today or early Monday morning. I thought "this is a good time for me to talk to difficult child alone". I decided that since we were alone and there was no one else to annoy that I would let him go.....not tell him to calm down when he got too hyper, etc.

:smile: Did I get an eye/earfull! I watched him cycle from goofy, could not stop talking mode to falling asleep in the car on the way home and every rung of the ladder in between! All in a matter of 2 hours! And then was total goofball again in a blink. Then at bedtime he gets mad at me because I won't let him stay up later, bedtime has been the same for 2 yrs!? By the time we were done with hugs and kisses he's giddy again. :faint:

I told husband, just let him go and watch his moods change....don't tell him to calm down, quit arguing, etc. He was shocked!

He's been a little resistant to me mentioning Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP) until last night. :wink: Then says to me "Have you called to make him that appointment yet?" I mean, really, I love the man but sometimes you have to :hammer: !

OMG! I almost forgot! husband fell down the stairs last night and broke a toe, bruised his back and has road rash from the carpet down one ENTIRE arm! Then goes to work this morning! People at work are going to think I beat him. :rofl: If I have to take him in for x-rays they are going to think I'm trying to kill off the whole family! "No, REALLY, officer I didn't push him down the stairs for the insurance money, there's not enough yet to make it count!!" UGH! Maybe I :hammer: him too hard? What a night!


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Well, the good news is that husband got to see it happen. His comment about the appointment. was great!
So sorry about the possible broken rib, and husband's toe and rug burn. Sheesh.
husband and I haven't fallen down the stairs since the kids were babies. Both of us, when both kids were infants, fell down the stairs at sep. times. Sleep deprivation for sure! Both babies were snug in our arms like footballs but boy, did we get rug burn and messed up tailbones! :eek: