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    i wrote a huge thing and deleted it. i have a son who has something. i don't know what yet. odd maybe? possibly MP. i don't want him searching the web and finding his story here since it's not blocked. sigh. i'm so tired. insurance stopped and now i'm trying to get new insurance. ordering some books too. i hope they work.
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    ((((HUGS)))) first. I'm guessing your son is a bit older since you think he may find this site. It's partly why we each only disclose what we are comfortable with and keep basic information, like names and specific locations 'secret'.

    Can you help out with a few answers though? This will help us help you.

    How old is he? When did you start suspecting there were problems? What's MP?

    I understand your concerns about him finding his story, but is he REALLY that interested in his own behavior that he'd go searching for his own answers on the internet? Honestly? I my child were that interested, I'd be overjoyed. Or is your concern a manifestation of his symptoms - paranoia?

    Welcome again! You've found a great place for support guidance and insights. I hope you can get comfortable enough to share a bit so we can better help you out. If not, know that you are welcome to read, read, read, and garner advice from previous posts. Just know that :notalone: You now have us!
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    :flirtysmile3:Welcome! Sorry you are having such a hard time. We dont use names here, don't tell specifically which city we are in, not even the state if you're not comfortable. our "special" kids are called difficult child's...Gifts from God, smile. I would actually think, if you read thru past threads, your story wont be so unique that he will be able to recognize it! Sad to say.....

    I know insurance can be an awful mess. I hope you share more information because there are some amazing people here who really know their stuff when it comes to resources. And mostly, they are an amazing support. We all have different situations, but we all get frustration, confusion, lonliness, feeling like you are at the end of your rope, etc. We also understand how little joys are HUGE events in these situations.

    Hang tough and if you feel comfortable enough, create some kind of signature that will let people give you more specific support. Love and Care to you, Buddy
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    Hi there & welcome!!!

    I, too, would like to hear more. Now, my kids have really weird names in real life. So I changed them. We have another member whose kids are named after the characters in Winnie the Pooh. Most of us keep ourselves pretty anonymous (in my case, it was mostly not the kids finding out - it was their bio mom at the time).

    Also... One book that we all recommend is "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. So many situations are covered, and it's even helped with my NON-explosive kid.

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    HI there. Welcome to the board. I am also going to assume that if you are afraid your son will find this site that he is old enough to search the internet. Like others have said, lots of folks here use cute names for their kids. For ages my kids real names were in my signature but a scare made me take them out, however I still refer to them in my post with their real names. Or actually, I refer to one of them by his actual name but the others are the nicknames we used when they were boys. Now they go by their given names.

    I do not have my city in my profile but I do have my state. If someone asks and I know them, I will tell it if I think its pertinent. However, no one else needs to do that. Many folks live in outer space on here or in the chicken coop. You do not need to tell anything that would be identifying. In fact, he could be a she! You just need to get the help with what problems you are having.

    Now maybe you can think about some of the things I have said and decide if you would like to give us some information to work with about what is troubling you with your child. We would love to attempt to help.
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    If you want to be more subtle yet... use this login as a way to find out "how to" get help, and a second login (totally unrelated, and you won't tell us but it doesn't matter), to actually do your posting.

    You can be really subtle about location, too... like: "out in la-la land" or "heading for Pluto"... you'll see some like that around here. I figure Canada is big enough that I'm safe revealing that much... but some don't even include ANY geographic hints in location. (does help to know if its north america or not... )
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    Hi and welcome. Insurance changes always seemed difficult to me. I hope you'll give us a little more info (without compromising your identity) and we can try and help you. There are TONS of knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people here in our corner of the world.