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I feel trapped. I don't know what to do. My son has been on a rampage this morning. He has been throwing things, hitting me and his sister, screaming at me, throwing himself on top of me, calling me a maniac and a bully. Nothing I do seems to work with him.

The only ray of hope is that I have the first part of a 2 part evaluation by a developmental pediatrician at my local children's hospital tomorrow. The next appointment after tomorrow is May 9. How am I going to make it to the May. I walk on eggshells with him. I have to do everything he wants and that is terrible because I a lot of times I don't know what he wants. I can't talk on the phone, I can't go outside because he usually refuses. Unless I'm paying attention to him every minute of the day and doing what he wants, he throws a fit.

My husband isn't very supportive. When I start crying, he tells me don't cry, suck it up, you need to figure something out. But I'm already at my wits end. I'm the one doing all the leg work to find him services. I'm home with him all day and my husband doesn't want to hear about it while he is at work. My husband also has an explosive personality and I walk on eggshells with him too.

Ok, I can get it together for tomorrow's appointment. Ughh...



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I'm sorry to hear your going through this, I know I've cried a lot of tears over my two difficult child's. It's really hard to do when you don't have the support of husband, or other family. I'm new here but I can tell you everyone I've encountered on this site is very supportive. It's hard to be the one doing all the work trying to get difficult child's the help that they need. I send you hugs and wish you the best tomarrow.


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Sorry you are struggling,,,nothing like getting tons of support!!!

It is so hard to do it all yourself. I know. My husband is very suportive but he works out of town and wasn't always on board, and now we are dealing with his depression issues!!! As Mom's it gets us down, and that doesn't even include the difficult child!!! All we want to do is be good parents... yet it is hard when you are so stressed.

You need to get help, vent here, kick you husband in the :censored2:, go talk to someone, buy some flowers!!! Whatever will give a little ray of hope. Whatever gets you through the day.

I found a little Zoloft helps me!!! Ha Ha I am ready to go psycho on our health care system at this very moment!!! But I have to hold it together... difficult child is running in circles anxiety is spiking, because in between posting I am paying bills, (ignoring her) So literally every mimute or more she runs to me and needs a hug...
She is trying to watch a Backyardigans video but it is scaring her!!! She is almost 6... but she won't let me turn it off... so I am having to hold her and comfort her so she can get throught this episode and realize it is OK... then she will be able to watch it again...

Hang in there... my difficult child is not so violent anymore... my difficult child 2 is getting there!!!

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I hope things are settled down a bit now. It is so draining dealing with the problems our kids have. I will keep good thoughts that your evaluation goes well and gives you some helpful direction to go in as you search for help for your difficult child.