do YOU clean your laminate floor?


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The floors are down and they look PDG! Two unexpected problems
arose and so far only one solution was found. :hammer: The
remaining problem is that my pocket doors no longer open because
there is a doorway strip holding the laminate which prevents the
door from sliding. :rolleyes: There must be an answer but I am
going to chill until tomorrow or so before regrouping with the
flooring people.

on the other hand, there was dust from the popcorn ceiling removal all over
and I swept and damp mopped most of it off. I don't know what
people use for regular dust removal. Dust mop with End Dust sprayed on the rag head? A swifter mop dampened with water??

Advice requested.

by the way, if you can picture in a motion picture the color of a San
Juan brothel.......that's my kitchen. Holy Moley it is now brighter than sunshine! I love it. DDD


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I no longer have this type of flooring but for day to day cleaning I used a Swiffer Wet Jet mop thingee with the bottled cleaner made for hard wood floors. Smelled fresh and worked like a charm, my floors would shine to the point of glares from sun shining off them.
Congrats on the new floors. As for the closet, could someone file an inch or whatever it would take from the bottom of the closet doors? Much cheaper than buying new shorter doors.

Stella Johnson

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They have Swiffer mops just for hardwood floors. I have used those but decided that I like Murphey's Oil Soap with a regular mop better. Makes it look prettier.



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For the sliding doors, you will need to (depending upon their type) either

1) raise the adjustable s c-r-ews at the top of the track so that they sit higher up off of the floor;

2) take them off of their rollers and plane the bottom up high enough for clearance; or

3) take them off of their rollers and cut the bottom on a table saw up high enough for clearance.

Swiffer wet jet with the formula for hardwoods and laminates is definitely the way to go, and get plenty of pads. They streak something awful if you use one with much grime on it.


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Thanks, everyone. Witz I am assuming you mean that first they
will have to remove the laminate from the base, as the pocket doors are "inside the walls" and not accessible without opening?
Can they be taken off the rollers or adjusted when they are in a
closed position? When we pull them to close off the kitchen we
don't see the edge of the door that leads into the wall. I just
can't picture how you get one of those doors rescrew adjusted or
off to be planed and then back on.

If you tell me it can be done......I'll be just as adamant as I
can be when I speak to the people! LOL DDD

Steph, do you mean a "rag" style mop??


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3D---I use a swiffer vac to get up the small pieces of dirt and lint and then I use the swiffer wetjet. They both clean in a jiffy and beats the heck out of a mop and vacuum.

Stella Johnson

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Yes, I use the Mr Clean mop. It's made out of different type of strings... don't know how to explain them. Works great though and cheaper than the swiffer pads.

BUT do not use regular swiffer pads and wet them. Water is not good for the floor.