So if the school calls....

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    Are words that strike fear into my heart as I hear them. Then confusion hits as it is easy child saying them.

    Evidently there is a major difficult child in a couple of her classes. Very verbally nasty and violent often. He has not threatened easy child at this point she just is tired of witnessing this (can't imagine where that short tolerance would come from). She said her and her friend plan to talk to both the resource officer and the vice principal.

    She is normally not one to do this type of thing so I am guessing he is really bothering her. Because of everyone that he is effecting. Evidentally the teachers are only putting a half hearted effort into trying to do something about this. He is in one of her favorite classes and I imagine he is distracting with everything she says that he does.

    I am so thrilled that she is going to try and advocate for herself and the others. I will let her handle the situation on her own unless he does do something to her and it isn't taken care of. Normally she would have asked me to call the school.

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    My thoughts exactly! You go girl!!!!
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    Way to go easy child! :D in my opinion this sort of thing carries more impact coming from the students anyway. Hopefully you won't have to get involved.
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    Good for her!