So Janet and me was discussing running away to Las Vegas and then.....


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It was a stormy night, we were both having PMS to the 99th power. We were taking turns at our favorite game of "Oh yeah? Well I...and he....and that kid....and then..." (it's the best therapy for cheap) ;) when I told her I had to get off the phone. Lightning was dancing around like a drunk Barishnakov and me standing in the grocery store parking lot, begging to be a lightning rod with metal cans in my bags - so we said good bye.

I drove home in blinding, sideswiping rain. (like how this is so dramatic so far?) - I haven't even added in the flying cow yet. I'm about four miles from our home and (my best attempt at lightning and thunder immitation coming up, and promises to rival the Jimmy Dean breakfast commercial) whopdoooowhop....blopsha...boom, sha-boom....shadah dah dha dha dah dah dha dha dha....

Any way I get home and DF meets me in the drive and asks if I just heard the last crack of thunder? Tells me it knocked the power out, shook the windows, light up the sky, and said it made the hair on his arms stand up, and even the cat shot for a place to hide. (fearless flea-line that she is). So I said yes - it knocked my radio out in the car, power to buildings on the way home, the local pub was under 3 feet of water and my cell was acting like a wonky donkey.

Anyway an hour later? It's hotter and hotter in the house. UT-OH. Cooler outside than in in SC is NEVER EVER good. And of course true to form like any man - instead of flipping switches once, then checking the outside, or breaker box again - he flicks and swishes and flicks and swishes. I'm telling you it was all I could do not to quote Hermoine on Harry Potter ----So I went outside and sure enough - no fan on the AC unit. GRrrrrrrrrreat. (say it like Tony the Tiger ....Grrrrrreat) 000h once was enough. :laugh:

Go inside to call power company and phones. Okay no biggie - I'm smarter than the average bear....Nyeah he he heeeee (say it like Yogi) you already did. And .....what? No internet? No texting? WT? All I could think of was that I'm stranded in a hot house with a man who sweats in air conditioning and runs 3 fans in air conditioning.....and whines to walk out to the trash can when it's 50 outside. OMG..Now I'm thinking about lighting the wood pile outside and "Me sendum smoke signal to Janet and gettum pony ready for Vegas." ugh.

So....I figure maybe this is not so bad....I won't sit with him...I'll go play on the computer. WHAT computer?? No computer, no printer, no mouse.....And for some reason my brain is stuck in TV mode and instantly goes to "No lights, no home, no motor boat not a single Robinson Coruso as primative as can be." OMG know that's Gilligans Island...silly me.

And Now I keep thinking - Where IS that straight jacket I bought at the thrift store marked HAPPYVILLE ASYLUM (I'll send pictures soon) Someone strap me up....and load me up.....and get me out of here. Then me and BRAVE POOTIE....went to bed in a house that was 94 degrees. And before you say - WELL STAR ------Why didn't you open the windows....Okay - remember when DF hired the crack head to install the aluminum siding and they wrapped the house and didn't leave channels for the NEW $8000 worth of window screens??? And they ended up going to jail because the one guy is there for drugs and murdering his girlfriend? (oh but he's down on his luck and could use the work Star) and then he hires ANOTHER guy who never came back because when he left the house on day 2....he was driving back from lunch and got arrested for speeding and they found methanphetamines in his car and he was wanted on an outstanding warrant and I don't think HE is out of jail yet? (groan) yeah-----so if I had screens in the window to keep out the state bird (mosquito) I would have.

So.....Brave Pootie and me slept in the room with all the fans we could find. Next day I left and bought phones....okay no biggie and those work. Good call the cell phone people and 90 minutes later in 99 degree house....I get cell phone back. Yippie!!!!! I swear I lost 4 lbs. So now I can go....and take my computer in for the news that it's fried. I knew this. So they're working up an estimate. I take out Dudes computer...and hook it all up in the house ....and now it's about 98.....and SLAP ME SILLY - remember we didn't have an ethernet card put in his so he COULDN"T get on the internet? OMG I'm hysterical at this point.....I unhook everything again....and go lay in the dog pool.

I dry off and remember I have an old OLD slow computer and hook it up .....but I know it's not going to connect because the router won't recognize the IP 2 hours on the phone with "Mark" (laughing to myself because I can hear "Mark" flipping the que cards of problem solving and telling me step by step to click on start, go to my internet connections - I'm like "Dude - I'm at my gateway and IP about YOU get there and we'll go from that?" Nope - step by step...."THANK YOU Time warner TECH SUPPORT OUTSOURCING." it's only ====89 degrees in my house....and I need to get on the computer....but at the end - I'm on.....and he feels the need to take the next 8 minutes to REVIEW all the steps he went over with me.....I tell "Mark" Dude, I'm melting.....I'm hot.....Are you hot? He misinterprets what I'm asking....and states he's 'not allowed to make advances with customers' ......OMG:sick: NO....."Mark" I'm in my house with no AIRCONDITIONING (you putz) and I'm probably old enough to be your......Older sister...and I don't date outside my species....gack. Thanks ummm - while he's asking if all my needs have been met this evening My answer would have been - Heck man came here fanned me in tighty whities, with one of those Egyptian ostrich fans and peeled me a grape while playing a lute and massaging my feet with oil. So instead I hung up.

Then my Mom (genius that she is) calls me and says HAVE YOU CALLED YOUR HOME OWNERS INS? Well this SHOULD have been my first call....but no I have not....they didn't help me when my bathroom fell clear through to the floor. They didn't help me when the septic collapsed.....I mean do you think they're going to get me a new AC and computer et al? So I call.....and MIRACLES OF MIRACles!!!!

HOT PEOPLE RULE! (and baby.....I AM SO HOT) I am hotter than hot....I am LAVA GIRL!!!! (makes finger to body tsssssssssst noise) yeah I'm that hot - and without those pirate boots.....cause it's just too hot for suede.....and prancing.

I've gotten 2 calls a DAY - asking me what they can do for MY comfort. I asked for the hot guys in tighty whities with the ostrich fans and grape peelers.....My agent who also has a sense of humor said as soon as she gets those? I'll get 'em. Looks promising for a new unit for AC....and with record high 100's coming next week? Just in time. My computer too - and all the things that are kaput. In the mean time? They offered to put us up in a hotel and comp us......NO.....(germ thing) and our dog pool suits. (I know who's germs are in that....Know what I mean?? So she asked if I'd like to go buy window units for the house until and they'd reimburse us.....So I went to Wally world....(took a long time too cause they have AIR) and bought a 6000 BTU ac unit just for my bedroom window. OMG ----I found Pootie laying procuriously splayed on the middle of the bed ----shamelessly ---on her actually sprawled out----and Casper too....just letting it all hang out. I joined them and somewhere around 77 degrees we all fell asleep for the best nights sleep in days.

I may go back today and get a bigger unit for the kitchen. I can't even stand in there to make a samich.

So if any of you have advice? Let me know.....

And no Mstang - NO ASTEROIDS have fallen on my house ......yet....But I swear DF walked outside last night with me and we both looked up almost simulatneously and said - Think we should get a fall out shelter?

I have no idea how this claim stuff works......So I'm all ears.

I just know the AC guy was out here - and took a business card.....wrote on the back .....Not repairable, machine old, due to storm, crossed the owners name off the front wrote in his name and said - Give this to your insurance - then called and said they thought they could get parts for around $500 to $800 and even then not guarantee that it would work...OMG.....

We have a 2500 sf. home.......and a 2.5 ton ac......our agent said we need a 3.5 ton ac with a minimum 13 seer (whatever that is) and she recommended 15 seer. So how do you do this?

Anyone? Anyone brave enough to talk to me? hahaha......(holds out cross for protection) ;)


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I am glad your ins co is being helpful. I have to get ahold of mine. In the turmoil I forgot all about calling them to help with the dead Occupational Therapist (OT) water heater and no electric in the living room problems. Water isn't that big of a deal. The dishwasher heats it by itself and the kids are taking much shorter baths with much less water, which I actually prefer. They otherwise fill the tub up close to the top, slosh it all over, and then don't let it out. Then capn Morgan gets curious, wants to bat things around in the water (doofus likes to play in water but only to get his paws wet) and then falls in.

Let me tell ya, there is NOTHING like the shrieks and thuds that come from a 20 pound cat who falls into a full bathtub at 3 am. Esp when he can not get himself out because one of the darling children poured bath oil into the water. Last time it was skin so soft oil and he pouted for a WEEK because he stunk of it!! When I tried to clean him off he was NOT amused.

So heating water for their baths is not nearly as traumatic for the cat. Since our primary role on this Earth is to make Capn Morgan's life as wonderful as possible, I am wondering if he sabotaged the hot water heater. Hmmmmmmmm.

Anyway, I am glad you got the window air conditioner. The 3 weeks we were with-o a/c it was over 100 degrees more than half the time. So I feel your heat!

Push the ins co until they pay for a system that works properly. Don't sign until it is ALL working properly.


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Hey Star! Sounds like you have replacement cost on your homeowners insurance. Most agents will set that up on both building and contents coverage so if something like this happens, they can't depreciate the value of the item due to age. So say that your a/c is 15 years old ("your a/c is 15 years old") and it's hit by lightning and trashed, they can't say "well, it was old so we'll give you $100.00 bucks" just to shut you up. They have to replace with like kind and quality.

Gotta go! The Weeble is stirring and I've still got a ton of laundry to fold!



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They may have to only replace to the SEER value and tonnage that you already have. But I'd press for whatever they say you need, and say that building standards have changed.


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Glad you got some a/c. Summers are miserable without it. Gotta wonder how the pioneers survived.

Are you really going to Vegas?


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My ins co replaced the ac when I weedwacked the wires outside neer the unit and the entire thing broke. Yours will pay! Come to Atlantic City. It's closer than Vegas, stay here. We can spend the day at the spa- I have a open-ended free pass for me and friends, also.... we can go to the beach....all free entertainment. Plus I get 8 free rooms a month at one of the casinos here, because husband parks in their lot to work and they track that, thinking he's a gambler, we never use the rooms. But...they heve AC! I actually am staung Mon the Fri and you can join me! We don't gamble. just sot by the pool and chill.


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JOISEY? OMG I haven't been there in years and years.....Atlantic City was awesome - I love the ocean.

Witz - what is this about Vegas fur real? Wha? Did I miss something? I'm not missing another reunion. NOT NOT NOT. OMG WHAT? Can we go somewhere cheap and cool? Ohhhhhhhhhhh I know.......ya'll come here and help me pack and move....

FUN FUN FUN!!!!! huh? hello? (echo echo echo)

And what's this about depreciation vs. no depreciation? Cause that's what the agent was saying - she'd have to see what my stuff was worth and give me that value. BEThhhhheeeyy????


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Hey Starbie! Depreciation is taken off most things on your insurance policy because of the age of the object/building part. Most agents set up your policies nowadays to have "Replacement Cost Coverage" so that depreciation isn't applied to your building or personal property.

For example: your roof is damaged in a major windstorm. Your roof is 15 years old. Water flows through the hole in the roof and trashes your 10 year old mattress and 15 year old furniture. On a replacement cost policy, they'd fix the hole in the roof and get you a new bed and furniture. Take off the deductible and you're done. Case closed.

On a non-replacement cost policy, they may or may not fix the roof (depending on whether or not you have the HO3 policy or not) AND they wouldn't give you anything for the bed because the average life of a bed is about 10 years. The furniture is iffy due to whether or not it's fancy expensive furniture (like a $1000.00 dresser/armoire set or a Walmart special - which is what I invest in for the demons). You may or may not get $100. bucks for the expensive furniture BUT you've most likely got a $500.00 deductible.

Nice, huh?

Take a look at your homeowners policy declarations page. There should be a section that lists out a bunch of form numbers that read something like "HO3, RV829, RV839 etc.". These are your "endorsements" which tells you what types of coverage you have. If you want, send me the list of endorsements and I'll check around to see what kind o' coverage you have.

Talk to you soon lady! :D



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Send me ur Email bethy-poo....and your address. Must send thank ye kindly card.

Mstang -----OH u r sooooo bad. I got so excited......HELP is coming= OH she's taking me to her house.....mmmmkay -YOU deal with my Mom.


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Witz and I are meeting in Vegas that weekend :) I'm still trying to convince KTMom to drop down for a quick visit, too. husband and I got tix to see Aerosmith... soooo y'all Walk This Way to Sin City!


Here we go again!
Oh, and if anyone's heard yet from Abbey, she needs to PM me so we can have her join the party, too since we'll be in her backyard...