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    Well, easy child is fine. In fact better than fine according to all the tests. The previous blips or whatever are chalked up to medications she had taken. That and she puts too much pressure on herself and pushes too hard. they had a lot of advice etc. But thankfully I saw all the testing and I can breathe a great deal easier on that.

    difficult child 1 graduates today. We will be heading there this afternoon. easy child hasn't had contact with her in over 2 1/2 years. And has said she really doesn't want contact many times. So when she maid a card for her graduation I was happily surprised. Well the surprises never cease. We were in the car (easy child and I) yesterday. I reminded her that husband and I were going to difficult child 1's graduation today. I then said "and you didn't want to go right?" She responded with..."well if I didn't have to miss school I would go." Now I let her know that I wasn't sure of the time we were leaving. We got home and I started making calls. To difficult child's place and to husband asking what everyone thought about it. As it is difficult child's day I don't want it to bother her but I also don't want to discourage easy child when she finally wants to have contact.

    So it was agreed we will bring easy child. difficult child 1 will be alerted about 2 hours ahead of time (that way we know easy child is really going and didn't change her mind at the last minute). We figure that difficult child will be surprised and by waiting she wont' have the time to get worked up about it but it won't be at the graduation to totally throw her off.

    I walk up and this just keeps going over and over in my mind. So many different reasons have popped into my head and everyone else has a passle of them they can think of. At this point I don't want to push easy child by asking. I figure we will see how it goes (I don't really worry about easy child's behavior as she won't do anything bad) but I will see if there is tention or what not.

    Just when I think things are sliding into the plan I have something has to go and make me shake my head.

    The one thing about it is at least part of my family is getting back together. I never expect easy child to want to be a part of difficult child 2's life but at least if this works out ok I will be able to have two of my kids around at the same time. Not holding my breath but at least it is a ray of hope. I understand that like timer my family is a "family of different addresses" however being able to share a bit with some of them at the same time will be nice.

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    Well.............I don't know, but it sounds pretty positive to me. I know, I know, I don't want to jinx it - but things seem to be lining up nicely in your life with the kiddos - I am so happy difficult child 1 is graduating! That is a major accomplishment.

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    It's good to "see" your smiling face again ~ I've been thinking of you.

    Your update sounds positive. I know that feeling of having the family back together again if just for a few hours. :woohoo::scared::flowers:

    Enjoy your time together & don't be such a stranger.

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    We made it and it went well. After graduation the four of us went to eat at a Chinese place and it was nice. No tention, no problems. Ahhhhhh. One major step.

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    I'm so glad everything went so well. Huge congrats to the graduate.

    Don't be such a stranger.

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    Glad to hear things went well. Just one step further in the healing of the family.
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    Congratulations for seeing a child through to her graduation day. You should be tremendously proud of her accomplishment. I am happy for you all.

    Having easy child along for some support and encouragement? she sounds like a wise girl. Kudos to her for choosing to go. It's an event in life you don't get a 2nd chance to see, pretty intuitive for a 15 yo to get that.

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    Congratulations!!!! ALL of you. :)