So much for the dryer repair ... back at again, with a surprise

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    I took apart the dryer vent. Sloppy, wet lint everywhere. Ended up cutting it with-a scissors to get at it, since it's threaded through 3 shelves of rags and beach towels in the laundry room.
    Then I realized I had no way to figure out how to remove the old vent from the wall and ceiling all the way outside, and how to thread it back through, so I called a handyman. In the meantime, I bought the parts I thought I needed at the hardware store.

    There is a bird's nest in the outside vent!


    After 2 trips to the hardware store, it's all fixed. Yay! No sign of the birds. They'll have to find another home, since I bought an outside vent with-a "bird cage" cover on it.

    I asked the handyman if Sears does this kind of thing or if the guy was trying to get out of it. He said, No, Sears typically just does the motors and actual dryer parts so he was being honest.

    husband is upset because I spent money on a handyman when he could have done this himself. Uh, yeah, in about 10 yrs ...:rollingpin:
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    I have a construction worker living with me and construction projects never get done! I have to half start them and then leave things in disrepair in order for him to fix things. LOL. One time I bought a set of wire shelves to go over a washer and dryer and I had them for over two years and he never put them up. Finally I took them out of the box when he wasnt home and started to put them up. I got them halfway up when he got home and finished them saying I wasnt doing it right...lmao.

    Im fixing to knock out my center island with something because I just bought a small wooden table to use in the kitchen. He wont do it unless I start the process.
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    Janet - did you ever find that floorplan you were gonna send me?