So not a stellar morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Jun 16, 2009.

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    Today Miss KT needed to retake a placement test for college because she scored so low in reading. The test started at 8; she had to be there by 7:30. But first, she had to go get coffee at her favorite Starbucks. She comes rolling back home with her coffee and a donut from another place. It's 7:10. We have to get across town. Halfway to the college, she turns to me and says, "I forgot to take my medications." She didn't want to go back, though, or she'd be late. She's already bombed this test once, now she's going to take it with no medications.

    I wait, since we need to make the tuition payment, and I want to show her where things are before classes start. She comes out of the testing center not pleased - they suggested she contact DSPS on campus, for any additional support she might need. She just wants to be normal. But I convince her to talk to them, so I move the car to a meter, she feeds the meter, and tells me we have 30 minutes.

    The intake counselor was not a huge help. Miss KT had no idea what to say, how to answer, or anything. Since she isn't 18 yet, I had to sign that she could receive services, and we need verification of her disability. Then we go to the bookstore, so I can show her how to find the books she'll need for her classes. When we get back to the car, I have a parking ticket. Either we took longer than I thought, or Miss KT didn't read the numbers correctly. Either way, I'm out $16. And she thinks it's funny.

    We get home, she takes her medications, and decides to go to my mom's, because there's food there. Hubby calls to tell me about his dentist appointment. He had an emergency root canal, needs a tooth pulled, and has FOUR more appointments scheduled in July to basically put his mouth back together. And he just called...he'll be working out of town the rest of the week, so I need to make sure he has enough clean clothes to take with him.

    I'm afraid to ask what else today has in store. This has already been a big busy morning (as Miss KT used to say).
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    At least the time flies when you're not having fun, right?

    I've had one of those days, too... But I'm not going to hijack your post!
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    Breathe, just breathe.

    Then sneak away later to do something extra special fun for YOU.
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    Days like this make me want to hide under my covers. I hope the rest of the day went better. Hugs.
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    I think it amazing how our kids can find that perfect "We can't turn back now!" time to figure out they forgot something. Always one second past that moment! And most of the time something as important as medications and ALWAYS on a morning such as this! Ugh!

    I hope the day ended oodles better than it started.