so....who watched Survivor Fiji???


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<span style="color: #660000">here's the link to the recaps:

if you have a computer that will support watching the videos do watch. tribal counsil shows every vote & why they voted the way they did. really cool. you can also see the whole departing interview with-jessica & her interview from the day after.

i liked jessica & was sorry to see her go. yau man is cool! dreamz needs to get voted off the island....NOW!

i love the Tribal Counsil set!!! best one yet.

no one is standing out to me yet. felt sorry for the architect who got sent off to exile island with-all the snakes. ewwwwwwwwwwww!

this is going to be a good season. something to tide me over till Big Brother starts in july.

kris </span>


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The snake thing freaked me out. How can they do that? What kind of liability would the show have if someone got bit by a snake? I wouldn't be able to sleep. I'm petrified of snakes! I think they would have had to take me home, if I had to go there.

The Boston guy.....remeniscent of Boston Rob a bit? He even had the same Boston tattoo on his arm.

I think Yau is cool too. He's an asset to the team that has nothing, that's for sure!

This season has the same elements as the Apprentice. Kind of weird.


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I came home from the grocery store and asked easy child when survivor started, he told me soon. I turned on the TV and it was on. I told him I guess tonight. I missed the first 40 minutes. I basically caught only the tribal council.

How did they begin? Did they jump off a boat like they did previously? Guess I will have to go to the website and find out.

I wish they re-ran these shows. Like bravo on cable. If I miss my favorite bravo show, I will have many chances through out the week to catch up.


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I was really creeped out by the snakes but they didn't say they were poisonous did they?
I figured they were benign but creepy.


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<span style="color: #660000">lothlorian, the reason for the close similarities between survivor & the apprentence is that mark burnett produces both shows lol. what surprised me was jeff probst saying that he had no idea was doing the have/have nots. either mark burnett is a master secret keeper or JP is being less than truthful......burnett might want it to seem that neither show knew what the other was doing.

kris </span>


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I agree with kris, dreamz definately needs to get voted off. Another person that really annoys me so far is the guy from boston, his nick name is rocky. Maybe it's the way he talks out of the side of his mouth. One person I hope wins is Lilian, because we have a survivor pool at work and if she wins, I get $100.