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    Today Nichole is going to go see my old kidney doctor, the good one, actually he has the rep of being one of the best in the entire state. (urologist not nephrologist) I know without a doubt if it weren't for this man, his skill, his knowledge, his caring, his willingness to think outside the box.......I wouldn't even be here typing this. His experimental reconstructive surgery on my kidney / ureter has kept me going far far beyond what was ever expected. He didn't cure me by a long shot but he gave me years in which to raise my kids.

    Nichole has all the signs of having the same genetic kidney disease as mine. It's bad that it also showed up about the same age. It's worse that she's showing symptoms that I didn't show until much later down the road. I've been worried about her for some time. It's not that she's avoided treatment, it's that she's received treatment by urologist who really don't know much, don't care much, and who refuse to think outside the box. So in any actual sense........she's basically NOT received treatment. Makes me really concerned about how much damage has been done to her kidneys in the meantime.

    The poor girl still has the stones in her kidneys from about 2 yrs ago. Now, honestly, that should not be. When she didn't pass them in a certain amount of time on her own, action should have been taken to remove them. Why? Because they cause damage to the kidney's filtering system and that damage does NOT heal. And they tend to cause infections which also cause damage and scarring. She's already been in acute renal failure at least once, I'm thinking twice. Due to symptoms, probably more as docs refused to listen to her and wouldn't even do the blood test. omg

    That she already has issues with retaining vast amounts of water, which indicates reduced kidney function worries me. That she is often in so much pain it literally drops her to the floor and she can't even help herself, scares me. I know what that is like all too well.

    Since she lives up near dayton now......going to my old doctor is nothing, actually his office isn't very far from her. So when she told me she was looking......I really pushed her to go to him, only make the appointment with him, and once she's in that office to tell him why she did. Because the man has written my case up in several medical journals. I'm an enigma, so to speak. The one disease I have is unusual in and of itself and is usually only seen after years and years of renal disease. In my case, it was the initial <acronym title="Diagnosis">diagnosis</acronym> and there was no "cause" we could come up with, top it off that I was diagnosed with it at 22 and that really threw it out of the ball park. He scoured the web, wrote those articles, and went to conference after conference in hopes of finding another doctor who had come across the same thing for more than 3 yrs. No one had ever heard of it before. So lucky me, my entire treatment has been experimental. Lucky for me, I had a doctor with a real brain who thinks outside the box when the situation calls for it.

    This doctor does not forget me. Even if it's been years and years since I last saw him. (due to location it's not so easy for him to see me these days) And even if he does, he can pull my records and have a very quick omg I remember moment.

    So I'm hoping / praying she will finally get the proper treatment that she has needed for at least the past 3 yrs. I'm hoping / praying that there hasn't been as much damage done to her functioning as I fear there has. And I'm praying even harder that she tells him everything and is NOT afraid to talk to him. He is one of the few docs that didn't look at me, think I looked 12, and proceed to ignore everything that came out of my mouth.

    So any good juju, thoughts, some prayers........would be greatly appreciated. This girl could really use some board power.

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    absolutely praying he will be brilliant with her and get her as healthy as possible. I think I told you, my dear cousin had a kidney condition , not diagnosed till she was a young adult and she had a transplant, still going strong.... after transplant got her OD and had two kids with hubby. So proud of her. They can do amazing things, if you get to the right person and it is wonderful you had that person. Now for him to do the same for Nichole.
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    Many hugs and prayers going out, Lisa.
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    Good juju - lots of ((hugs)) - and prayers for Nichole.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Sending up prayers and positive thoughts that your doctor can work his magic with Nichole like he did with you.
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    What a wonderful doctor! Many prayers being said... Hugs... SFR
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    You've got my support and good thoughts. DDD
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    LOTS of prayers. Sounds like this guy is knowledgeable AND has a good doctor-patient manner.
  9. Liahona

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    Send up my prayer for her.
  10. Steely

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    Sending prayers her way -
    I didn't know that about the stones not being able to stay in the kidney for that long. I have upwards of 10 that have been there for years. The last Dr was like 'whatever-no worries'.
    What is the name of your disease again, if you don't mind me asking?
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    Hope she mentions you and he remembers or checks and knows what to do to help her.
  12. Hound dog

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    Well, she forgot to mention me, but did remember to tell him my dxes so he has "some" of the family history at least.

    She likes him.....a LOT. :)

    He's scheduling her for a CAT scan hoping to get a good picture of what is going on.
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    Continuing with the prayers!
  15. Rabbit

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    Sending prayers up Hugs Rabbit
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    Coming in late but good thoughts, prayers, juju and half nekkid dance going on. (Sorry but it's reeeeeally windy and cold right now!! LOL)
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    Mucho juju coming N's way!
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    Hoping that you get the result you need and she's well taken care of. Hopefully, it's an easy fix and nothing serious.
  19. TeDo

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    Pretzeling, praying, rattling dem beads that things work out wonderfully with as little trauma/drama as possible.
  20. DaisyFace

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    Saying prayers and rattling beads that everything goes well...