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    And for once it's not difficult child. I found out this morning that easy child is getting an F in math. I get his grades emailed to me every day, along with all of his weekly assignments, so I am always in the loop when it comes to his academics. I got an email last week letting me know his grade in math dropped from an A to a D+. It also stated he was getting three zeros due to missing assignments. I immediately emailed his case carrier and asked her what the assignments were, and if she could please have him work on them in her study skills class. She told me that it was already handled, and that the math teacher probably just hadn't updated the online progress report yet. For the last few days his grade remained a D so I figured the his case carrier was right and the math teacher just hadn't recorded his new grade yet.

    Well this morning I get to work and see that his grade has dropped even further down to an F, and he has 6 zeros! This time I emailed his math teacher directly. easy child is infamous for doing his work but forgetting to turn it in, or being too shy to give it to the teacher. His math teacher told me she thinks he probably did do the assignments but never turned them in. She says that in the past, his case carrier/study skills teacher has walked him to class and personally made him turn in his assignments, because he was too shy to do it himself. So I asked his study skills teacher if she could please look in his back pack and see if the assignments were in there.

    She emailed me back and said she found all the assignments sitting in there half completed. I am so upset at easy child right now. Every night I have been asking him if he has homework. He always says no, he has done it all in his study skills class. Turns out he's been lying to me. Every night he earns an hour of game time on his playstation as long as he doesn't have homework. It looks like he won't be playing video games for awhile. Tonight he is going to be working on all of his missing assignments. He will not be earning any game time until they are all completed. This is going to be a long night. First we have an appointment with difficult child's gastroenterologist, and then we will be getting home late. He is going to have to work on as much homework as he can until bedtime. I am dreading tonight. I hope he can complete his homework rather quickly, so we don't have too many nights of this. I can't believe he just let his grade drop to an F. I am so upset at him!
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    Smile. He's being a typical teen...
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    Well I just got some good news today to make up for it. Two of my biggest, hugest difficult children at work are leaving! They are being transferred to another school due to severe attendance problems. Guess where they're going? To difficult child's school. They are now somebody else's headache. There's two less phone calls a week I have to make for my job. Every little bit helps.
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    At first I thought you meant co-workers...
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    That would be even better, but I'll take what I can get!
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    I thought co-workers too at first - LOL.
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    He is a TEENager. He has been shuttled from one school to another under the care of one parent who is opposite of the other parent. Doesn't surprise me at all. NOW is the time to "connect" "understand" and "attempt to find out what is going on below the facade. I realize that you are in a difficult parental position but NOW is the time. DDD
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    Well, maybe now that nasty principal will have other parents to annoy.
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    Svengadhi, you made me Lol! You are so right. The principal can have a field day with the two I'm sending over to her, and they make difficult child look like a saint. Well easy child's case carrier is a godsend. She worked with him yesterday after school and he completed most of the assignments with her. He still had a little more, and he promised me he would do them today before school. He kept his word and went to his teacher's classroom and did the rest of the work. He should be all caught up now. I know he's struggling with this new common core math concept they are teaching, and he is too shy to ask questions. I think that's part of the problem and why his work wasn't done. Normally he prides himself on getting good grades. When I told him yesterday that he had an F in the class, he was shocked. He told me I must be mistaken. He was quite upset to learn that his grade dropped so severely. Thankfully it was enough for him to get motivated and go to his study skills teacher and ask for help. Now I don't have to worry about him finishing any work tonight. That's a good thing, because math was my all time worst subject, he's doing honors high school level work, and there's no way I would be able to help him!
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    Glad things are better today:)