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    OK so, since husband does not enjoy being out of the house AT ALL.and oldest difficult child has too much anxiety to leave the house, and youngest difficult child is now homeschooled, and easy child is so busy at school and work, - and I was ill and never got back into a lot of things yet since I have begun to do better....we do not get out and about a lot.
    But today we did decide to go for a short car ride and go out for dinner.
    We went north, thru Lake Geneva, WI which I really like.
    We got to that town, and came around the corner.....and out on the lake? CARS EVERYWHERE! I know last weekend they had a huge winter fest.....or something.....but, I did not know what was going on today, btut not only were there cars all over on the lake, but also little huts like - maybe you use for ice fishing?
    So, see I am VERY nosey, and while my family does not do well out and about, I LOVE to be out and about.
    SO there I am craning my neck and wondering whats going on.
    SO we go thru there, go eat and are coming back.....and coming from the other direction? I could see all kinds of snow and ice sculptures. It was so awesome to see! Bummer, my husband and kids did not want to stop and poke around, but I thought it looked REALLY interesting!

    I found out what it was, LOL! The United States National Snow Sculpting Championship and there was all kinds of things going on along with it!
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    Well Dreamer,

    I am so glad you got a little glimpse of something that made you smile. :)

    I love Ice Sculptures. They do those here for the Winter Carnival.... however I am a freeze baby so I don't spend a lot of time looking. :)

    It is those little unexpected things that brighten our day. :)

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    I live in a house full of HOME bodies too -

    I am so glad you go to get out even if for a little while.

    Sunshine on your arms, wind in your face - it's all good!

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    A nice surprise on your outing, glad you had fun.-Alyssa