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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Sherril2000, Oct 12, 2015.

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    I'm so proud of my daughter. She had some real struggles with school last year and her grades were terrible. So much going on with my son, and it has been hard for her to cope with it all. Our family was torn apart after my son's issues, and her time is split between my house and my ex's. After being told by my ex that she was failing all her classes and should be grounded this past weekend, I was shocked to learn she is actually passing all of them with a 3.0 average. I looked at her grades online and confirmed them today by talking with her counselor. Sadly, I don't understand why her dad would try to tell me she was failing when she is actually doing so well. But it's nice to have something positive happen. I'm going be happy about this, and forget all the worries for tonight. Life is so short.
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    Have you spoken to her as to why he might say that? You could ask her if she discusses her grades with him, but not repeat what he actually said. Maybe he's just trying to get your goat and triangulate you.
    So glad she's doing better! Congrats!
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    Hi Sherril,
    Congratulations on your daughters success. Celebrate her, often times our Difficult Child takes all of our time and energy from our other children. This can create an endless cycle of mourning. We mourn the choices our Difficult Child make, the relationship lost, spiritually, mentally and physically.

    Time to celebrate the gains, to focus on your daughter, and to rebuild yourself. I am glad you feel happy! Your joy is deserved!
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    Thanks for sharing :likeit:

    It's so nice to hear some happy things going on.