SOoooOOOOOOooooo sick of winter, easy child and difficult child and everything-How about you?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Please join in my vent!!!!

    I am so tired of the cold, the snow/rain mixture that turns my yard into a complete muddy mess, that the dogs, difficult child, easy child, and h drag in because they refuse to leave their muddy shoes in the basement where they are supposed to go and I feel like I'm always sweeping up dirt or spot mopping to wash up the doggies tracks in the kitchen and my house seems so unkempt, but it is clean overall, just feeling very cluttered and claustrophobic and icky because it seems there are stacks of papers or leftover boxes and bags from Christmas and dog toys everywhere and the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in a week so the hard water is turning my bath floor blue, which really irritates me and why doesn't it irritate anyone else and with school and work and life...

    I just can't seem to sleep soundly and am frustrated because no one seems to notice that my entire weekends are spent doing housework, chores and homework and you'd think that MAYBE someone would do some of the housework without being asked and...

    difficult child is being lackadaisical about her great job by taking days off and leaving early to ger her hair done, which worries me because I would hate to see her lose this job and miss out on a great opportunity and...

    then there is easy child who is a pita with her snotty comments and reminders that she hates living here and that she wants to go live with her boyfriend's family and so much a part of me wants to say GO! but the motherly smart side of me is saying, "Hmm, probably not a good idea" so I don't say anything except, "Guess you have to make a choice then" and leave it up to her because at 22 she should be able to see a bit past the next month in terms of where she wants to be and whether or not moving out of her parent's house and into her boyfriend's parent's house is a wise choice and when I talk with H about it, he just says how easy child is always changing her mind and it's just a matter of time before she comes up with another hairbrain idea and I know he's right but it still bugs me when she says such things and...

    oh yeah, difficult child's boyfriend's mother of his two sons has been harrassing difficult child by telling difficult child that her boyfriend has been sleeping at her (the ex's) house and telling her that he kisses her better than he kisses difficult child and asking difficult child what it feels like to share a man, etc., and although difficult child says she's remaining calm I can see that it's starting to get to her but if I ask (God forbid I ask) her about how it's going she gets so mad because she imagines that I think there is more to it than what her boyfriend is telling her and that I may suspect that this ex may be crazy but if the boyfriend has been broken up with his ex for 3 years, why after 9 months with difficult child is the ex suddenly harrassing her?

    Whew, yeah, and I won't even go into the stress that continues about my Mom, the addition on our home, money in general because work has been so slow for H this past year, or the frustrations at work, etc.

    Honestly, if it were summer I don't think any of this would be bothering me.
    Think I'm going to call and make that massage appointment today.
  2. DaisyFace

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    I hear ya!!! I'm in a venting mood myself this morning. I'm just so sick of all this...

    Make that appointment for two!!!

  3. TerryJ2

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    Ah, yes, you're father north. So sorry. I remember the feeling when I lived in MN.

    Right now, the sun has just come out, the jonquils are blooming YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYY!!!

    but all I want is a nap. I'm right there with-you.

  4. Shari

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    I'm with ya!
  5. Jody

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    I am right there with you. Have to go take my difficult child to the therapist. Don't want to talk about her at all. Sick of her and all of her drama and just flat out don't want to do it. What a session this is going to be. Yippee!!! Hang in there. Spring and SUmmer is coming. YEAH.
  6. TerryJ2

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    My mistake. I took a nap.
    Now the sun is gone, clouds are rolling in, and difficult child is home.