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    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am sorry I have been away again so long. I made a decision a few months ago to go back to college and pursue a degree in a different area, so classes and homework have been consuming a great deal of my time.

    I wanted to let everyone know that my girls are doing pretty good. My oldest difficult child has continued to maintain her relationship with her bio mom and things are going okay in that area, but something about bio mum has sparked anxiety in my difficult child. She has always worried about her mum's ability to remain clean of the drugs, but something here recently has caused that anxiety to heighten and made her a complete mess. She has been talking with her counselor about things, but it does not help matters that when her therapist tries to plan a family session to talk to her and mum together, that mum doesn't show up.

    My 6 year old is full swing into cheerleading, and she is doing great. She has made a lot of friends at her new school and my hope that the cheerleading would offer her a positive place to focus all her extra energy is proving itself every day.

    I just wanted everyone to know that this journey I am taking with my own difficult child's as well as everyone on this board and their difficult child's is what encouraged me to go back to school. I am working on a degree in psychology, concentrating on abnormal and adolescent psychology and I picked up a second major in criminal justice, concentrating on juvenile justice. I want to be able to work with teens in the juvenile system as well as children who are going through life with the same types of problems all of our difficult child's face everyday. I also have an interest in working with children who have been through the foster care/adoption process due to abuse, neglect, or parent's in prison. I know it seems like a broad range of interests, but I really want to be able to work with kids like ours.

    Coming on the boards and reading about one horror after another with counselors and psychiatrists makes me feel like there is a real need out there for people in this field who ACTUALLY CARE about the children, people who know how to communicate with them. I look forward to being able to share information with you all as I go along, and I hope that this will turn out to be a positive experience for everyone, I also am hoping that learning all of this information will help me understand my difficult child's a little better and give me the tools to find positive ways to handle their behavior.
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    The system difficult children go through need more people like you! Congrats and best of luck in your journey! I think you made a great choice!
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    My goodness, what an inspiring post! Thanks for the update and we're rooting for you!
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    Thanks for the update, you've been missed. It sounds like you've been using your time well. :)
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    Congradulations! I am so impressed :) Being mom to a 13 yr old is always a challenge then add the 13 yr is difficult child and then add that you are not that old yourself. Wow!!! You have a lot on your plate and seem to be dong great.

    If you do become a psychiatrist, let us know your full name and business address. This board would probably fill up your practice.

    It is great that your fields of interest is so large. If you can spend a little time in every area you may learn how they are connected and then see where you most want to be.

    My easy child is talking about going into cosmetology after a year or two of basics at the community college. husband doesn't want to pay for college because, "she doesn't need basics for cosmetology" My reply, "Any and all education will be good and she may just change her mind about cosmetology" I wish I would have been more open minded in exploring my options.
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    Good luck on your new career path! It is always a blessing to have people with first hand difficult child experience in the areas you've mentioned.

    We are former foster parents and I have a degree in education. I have often thought about going back to school to become a therapist or social worker.

    Best wishes!
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    Welcome back Neednewtechnique,

    I'm glad to hear that things are going well with both of your girls. I hope that your difficult child doesn't let her biomom's lack of full involvement derail her progress.

    Good for you for pursuing this new direction in your studies. The field does need people who have been there done that and understand from an insider's perspective what the children and their parents are going through.

    Good to "see" you.

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    :youarehot:Wow! That is the greatest thing I have heard in a long, long time. BRAVO! Congratulations on your goals and achievements. I am so happy for you. What better person than you to get those degrees.

    So sorry about your daughter's bmom. I'd put a temporary stop to the visits but you didn't ask for my 2 cents worth (so I gave it anyway, heh heh). :flowers: