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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Nov 4, 2009.

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    :ashamed: I'm sorry! I just haven't even had the "nerve" to talk to anyone because I am so :ashamed: by the actions of my children and my husband has not at all been supportive. I spend 3/4 of everyday in bed and the other time alone. It seems like as soon as I get up out of bed husband has somewhere else to be and leaves. Mostly to my brothers so they can drink. I'm sorry I did not intend to write anything and my time now is 5:30 am but husband and I just had a fight about difficult child and I honestly needed somewhere to vent. He has been gone now for the 30 days and he should be able to talk to me but the agency called the jpo and said that he doesnt want to and I cant tell my family and due to the other kids I no longer have but two friends_one male married no kids of his own but lots of hers and grandkids-other female lesbian with one child that is actually cousin on husband side of family but no one knows. I am seriously falling apart and have no one -no even husband. Sorry
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    Gentle hugs to you that things will get better. Know that you are not alone here. I do the same and come hear when I feel I have noone to turn to......Such a caring board

    Do something special for yourself today. Sending prayers and caring thoughts your way.
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    Warm thoughts and gentle hugs your way. Reach out and share, we do care and it helps.

  4. So sorry mog to hear you are going through such a hard time. We are here for you when you need us. I too know how it is to have a non-supportive husband when it comes to our kids. My husband spends half the time in denial :-(
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    Ya know, sometimes it just feels like the whole world is falling down around us. It sounds like you are feeling like that. Today is another day. Please do something for yourself even if it's taking an hour and walking around the library. I love books with paper pages (despite all the digital books these days) and it's free. I'm sorry you're so down, but we are all here. Always.
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    Thanks for checking in...I'm sorry things are so rough. Try to do something nice for yourself each day...a warm bath, trip to the library, or just post a message here and read our replies so you'll know others are thinking about you. Good luck.
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    {{{{gentle hugs}}}}

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    Mog! So many of us are in the same boat...don't ever be ashamed of what you're going many of us are going through it side by side with you.

    Log in. Unload. Let us be your friends - no one is interested in judging - we're all in a trying place now and again!

    Remember: there's strength in numbers and there are tons of us here for you!