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    i had a feeling this was going to happen when we had to take him off his medications. today was the day. we got called in to work out a 'new plan' for difficult child's schooling today. the teacher, ea and principle were all on board to set up new more leniant rules for him and a new plan similar to his old plan from last year where he be allowed to spend most of the day doing fun activities and a walk to the park or soccor sometime during the day. well instead the schoolboard said he was a danger and wasn't allowed to come back to school anymore until he was under control and suggested an intervention (how or what type of intervention was not discussed.) i was a bit blown away and did not ask the right questions after that. so i said, fine i'll register him at the Special Education school. the lady said no, he doesn't qualify because he's 'autistic' and 'odd' he is not developementally delaid..... no offence to anyone on here but in my opinion it is a developmental delay and the fact that he isn't learning anything at school and got a fail on every single subject except gym pretty much proves that in my mind. so now he is not allowed in mainstream school and not delayed enough for special school and i am stuck at home with him which means i can not even run errands or anything during the day and my 2yo is not going to get any quiet time. i am not pleased. i literally burst into tears when i was leaving this meeting and his teacher came over and hugged me and started crying too.
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    Since when is Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) not considered a development delay? It's really bad when you have to educate the so-called experts, but seems a lot of us having to do it.

    You're not alone, my kid started at a new school this week, with only a few days of school left in the year. The other one has a full-time ED program, teacher, and facilities, better suited to handle her meltdowns.
    Contact the other school yourself and talk to them.
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    That really stinks.

    Oh Grrrrrrrrrr, I got on my high horse, and then decided to check your location - Canada. In the US they MUST provide free appropriate placement. If you're not sure what the law is there start hunting it down. We get a pamphlet before each of our meetings explaining all the "rights and responsibilities" If you don't get that, check online. Even with different laws and such it sounds very odd for the school board to make such determinations when the principal is on board. It is usually the other way around.

    And like Haozi said, call the other school yourself.
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    right now i am very mad at myself for not insisting on them doing something more for him. first they were all about 'what's best for him' then bam, he's out. i am going to call the board office in the morning and try to get someone else on the phone. i don't know if calling the school would help. it is the same school board and the Special Education lady said he doesn't qualify and it's her job to make those decisions. i can't imagine that canada would not have laws to protect us from this. it's sad how they try to force you into mainstreaming your kid but when it comes down to it they won't let you unless you have them medicated. so basically drug your kid(even if the the medications have now given him heart problems) or homeschool. i don't even get how a kid can have too many special needs for one school and not enough for the next. that can't be. i mean, if there is going to be a grey area it should be an overlap not a gap. when i asked her what we are supposed to do if he can't go back on his medication if he isn't allowed to get into a Special Education school she said that wasn't a problem they had to deal with. i don't get why he was allowed to go before he was medicated but not now. at least he isn't hitting himself and throwing furniture anymore since his verbal skills have improved so much from his time on the medications. seriously, if you don't want to help the kids find a different feild of work. tomorrow we are going in to see the doctor anyways and find out the results of his latest tests. so if the doctor was right and he is gaping from heart palpitations then he is still having them after being weaned of his medications a few weeks as he is still gasping, a bit less though. i hate that i have to drug him to have him allowed to go to school. i feel like the decision is being forced on me when it's not whats best for him. i am worried about his heart right now and thinking we might not even be able to find another medication that can be used for a child so young that is heart friendly and effective. then what? homeschool forever? that ain't happening.
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    Am I remembering correctly that you had the situation with the "big threat" in school, and we were all surprised they didn't call the cops? They might think that was what his 'normal' no medications behavior might be like, when in fact that could have been a withdrawal reaction. Something to explore and discuss with them.

    (((HUGS))) and positive educational energy going out to you.