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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DS3, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Alright, I know I haven't been on a lot recently. Couple of reasons. One being that hubby finally came home! OMG! I was SOOOO Grateful to have him back. It's been so much nicer too! difficult child 1 and difficult child 2 actually behave a little better. I'm waiting for the 'honeymoon' phase to end. :)

    Anywho, Been trying to find a new car for hubby, trying to take care of everything yet while hubby learns the ropes, and trying to get myself into a doctor before he has to start work again. I'm hoping the doctor can tell me what is going on with my hands. They're really bugging me on a daily basis now. Also need some refills on medication, as well as some referrals to outside docs. That way I can kind of get everything taken care of.

    I also have been busy with difficult child 2 and getting him into a neuro-psychiatric. I'm not expecting much becuase of his age, but I hope it will answer some questions I have. At least we finally got the referral thing taken care of for his Occupational Therapist (OT) and ST. That should start soon now. (I know, just what I need. More appointments!)

    And difficult child 1's ABA has been here every single day this week to try and get all of his hours in becuase he's taking the week of thanksgiving off. Can't blame him. I think I would need a break too. At least he can see some improvement with difficult child 1's behavior already. Just working on the three biggies yet (in order): Non-Compliance, Listening, and Respect. He says we should have it all under control, give or take, in roughly 6 months to a year. I'm wondering what shows up in between then. We shall see.

    I have that IEP meeting coming up this week, and I am trying to ensure that I am prepped for it. And trying to make a list of what I want in his IEP.

    And that's life in a nutshell. Just been trying to relax while I can, and enjoy the family. I'm a lot less stressed right now, and enjoying it. It will all start back up again at the end of the month when hubby returns to work. Can almost count on it. But its times like these that I like being off of the computer and just being able to relax.

    So if you don't see me on much for the next 2 weeks, now you know why. :)
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    Thanks for the pre-update.
    This way, you won't come back to a thread full of people wondering what ever happened to DS3?!

    Enjoy your time with hubby home.
    Hope you get some answers for your hands!
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    Welcome home to hubby! Glad he is there to enjoy life with you (and make it easier). Well, you lazy girl (total sarcasm, of course)...

    You got loads done. So, enjoy your time! Great to hear from you, Buddy
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    I always know what happens to the military wives when the soldiers return They disappear and then 10 or 11 months later, we hear about a new little member of the family! I think there is gonna be a second baby boom generation.

    Have fun with hubby and the kids. Make sure to give him a big old hug and a thanks from me.
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    Oh Hell No! If my Mirena fails, I'm going to make sure he gets his vasectomy sooner then him scheduling the appointment! No more babies for me. We weren't expecting to ever have the two that we do! He was told he couldn't have kids, and we got difficult child 1. I was on birth control (pills), and got difficult child 2. They are both little blessings, but I have my hands full enough. (Of course the running joke is that he needs to be gone for 6 months to let the little guys build up...).

    And I will definitely enjoy him, and pass along the hugs and thanks.
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    I didnt mean you were gonna give us the entire second generation of baby boomers. I am one of the last of the "original" baby boomers. Because we have had the troops at war for pretty much the last 10 years solid, I have a feeling we are going to have another boom like there was after WWII and Korea.