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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I haven't been here in a bit lately with all the chaos that was happening and my declining health (flare) but I needed to come back and post to you all as I've become part of a local group of couponers. We have adopted military families to send coupons to (both good and expired).

    I am asking if any of you would like to help us. If you would you do NOT need to clip the coupons from your Sunday paper. If you could send your coupon inserts and the "parade magazine" insert as well as toys r us circulars. They can use all of the above.

    If you are interested please PM me and I will be more then happy to answer questions and provide more information on what you need to do to get these to us.


    I needed something that I could easily do at home, sitting, that would occupy my time and give me something to do and still volunteer my time and feel as though I was helping others (and keeping busy). I've accomplished that and more!
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    Great! I hope Janet sees this because I think she has a military family social group here on the board as well as contacts in the real world!

    How are you managing with your health?
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    I hope she does to and gets her group together as well. It's a fun thing to do (at least I'm finding it so) and rewarding knowing you are helping them. There are quite a few different bases you can adopt out there overseas. I know she was looking for something to do as well.

    The great thing is that they can still use the expired coupons! Most of us would think to just throw them out but they still can use them. Rebates and so many other things I had no idea about or would even have thought about over seas them being able to use at all.

    As for my health, thanks for asking, I keep rolling in and out of the flares but never seem to get back to the baseline anymore. I had told Janet about going up to Duke to the Rhuemy department for herself but found that they were so back logged when my doctor tried to get me in that they referred me out and over to UNC Chapel Hill's specialty (Spine Clinic/Pain/Neuro/Rheumy=it's all one clinic there). I think it's great that these two facilities cooperate with one another to help people. So I got in there much quick and am due to have first appointment shortly. Hopefully some new news will come out of that. Glad she did get in tho at least to see someone for one appointment. Maybe they will refer her too!
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    Hey tia.

    I will see about those coupons but I dont get the paper. I sometimes get a toys r us circular because I shop there from time to time.

    I was scheduled to go to Duke for the neuro appointment in late august but they rescheduled me for December! I am crushed so I will have to look for something else. I will call UNC and see if they can get me in any sooner.
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    Janet I' m sorry Duke did that to you. :( I hope UNC will offer you something better and sooner even.

    Even if you don't get the papers, maybe you want to pass the information on to your social group and they can start their own collection and adopt a base themselves! :)