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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ktllc, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Sweet Pea had her evaluation this morning: she will get speech therapy on top of her play therapy. They are not overly worried about her development but her expressive needs help. She is 17 months and tests at 8 months (Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) said she might tests a bit better if Sweet Pea had made the other couple sounds she makes at home). Receptive is ok, at 15 months old level.
    They thought (coordinator and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)) her social skills were wonderful :). I feel relieved about that.
    They said she is very young and with all the help she is getting, everything should turn out to be ok in the future.
    Thanks for telling me not to wait: I feel much better now.
    Yes, there is a problem. But we are dealing with it!
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    Now BOTH your kids are getting what they need. How wonderful for you. I can just hear your giant *SIGH* of relief.
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    Tedo: YES! *siiiigh*.
    It is obviously just the start, but it does feel good to know that a plan is put together.
    I don't believe I have control over my kids disabilities, but at least we are doing the best we can.
    Sweet Pea is getting the best chance we can give her. After that, it is up to her. And believe me: the child has a strong will, if there is a way she will find it!
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    Hugs Ktllc,
    I'm glad shes getting the help early. Yes, its easier for them to pick it up at this age.
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    You belong in the rock n roll hall of parenting fame this month! you scored twice in such a short time... YIPEE for your kids!