Spider Bites?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I have no clue what type of spider got me as it happened evidently while I was sleeping. Must have been fairly good size as I can see the actual bite spot itself. Little round O.

    Darn thing just had to bite me on my belly right where my waistband comes to all the clothing I wear. It itches, but I've been good about not scratching. Except that my waistband keeps rubbing the darn thing....and making it itch worse. It's red around the site, but I think it's more reaction than any infection. I'd wear a bandaide except they get peeled off via the waistband after just a short time. (even shorter if I'm sweating)

    I was biten several days ago. Doesn't look as if it's improving any. So how long does it take for it to go away? Oh, heck. I'd just be releaved if the itching would stop.

    Looks like once I get the spring cleaning finished I'll be having the bug guy out to spray. Oh, fun. NOT.:whiteflag:
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    You should really have a DR look at that, Lisa. I was once bitten in the middle of the night and basically ignored it until my forearm began to numb and eventually, some skin began to peel; I literally loss use of my right hand! After some x-rays from the ER (the DR wasn't convinced my then exh didn't 'do something') the DR called in another DR to look and he immediately gave me an antibiotic and claimed it was a 'serious' spider bite. Later, we assumed it was the brown recluse. Get thee to a DR.
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    If it was a brown recluse, you'd be a gonner by now. They usually kill within hours. Same with black widows.

    Bandaid makes an excellent anti-itch spray. Spider bites can last a week or longer.

    Have you been out by any bodies of water? Horses? The reason I'm asking is because it could have been one of those really enormous flies. You have to be careful with those, because they actually inject their larvae into your skin. I had a welt for about two months and then it went away, only to come back again about a month later.
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    I get spider bites all of the time. I should really consider bug bombing the house. I got a pretty bad one quite a few months ago on my leg. I let it go for a couple of days & it just kept swelling more...itching, burning & even started to hurt. Went to the doctor, he told me it was not a brown recluse bite. Put any kind of itch relief I wanted on it & ice if it was "achy". It took 7-10 days to finally clear up though :(
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    I had one a couple of years ago. It couldn't have been a kind that was too poisonous because I didn't die even after ignoring it for over a week. (I was on vacation) But, it kept swelling more and the itching turned to pain. I finally had to go to the dr. They gave me antibiotics and told me to use neosporin. If you don't think you need a dr yet- although I would recommend going-- I would try the neosporin.
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    It's itchy as heck. I'm rather proud of myself for not scratching. lol It looks like I'll be doing the neosporin and a bandaide. (hope the bandaide sticks) If it looks any worse or doesn't go away I'll make an appointment with the doctor. But it hasn't gotten worse and it's at least 4 days old.

    Loth nope no bodies of water or horses. And it's unsettling to think those huge flies can do that! ewwww easy child is planning on getting a horse in the future. I'll have to tell her that.

  8. Star*

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    Dude was bitten by a recluse in FL, in a sandbox when he was a baby. Within 30 minutes his skin was starting to go necrotic, had gotten blistery, he was vomiting and we rushed him to the hospital.

    They took the bad skin off, and stitched it closed with glue and metal strip bandaids. He has a tiny little scar - last I ever saw it (age 8 or so) inside his thigh.

    Put some hydrocortisone cream on it - and that should help with the itch. If you can take 2 Benadryl? That should help with the itch also from the inside out.

    If the hydrocortisone and Benadryl do not relieve the symptoms in a day or so and the site gets ***** or more inflamed - then I'd get to the doctors. The chances of most ER guys knowing what a bite site is vs. the kind of spider is very rare. You have your windows open and you are a warm blooded thing - the spider has no idea you are human - it probably saw you laying in bed sleeping and thought

    I'VE HIT THE MOTHERLOAD - I'll never have to work a web again! Most Ohio bites from spiders are from Wolf spiders. And you may have been bitten not by a spider - maybe it was a mosquito.

    Keep an eye on it - and keep hydrocortisone cream on it.

    Nurse Star - lol
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    At least call poison control. You can describe the bite and they'll let you know if it needs immediate attention.

    Recluses are bad news. You don't want to mess around with them. They are flesh eating and will do rapid damage.

    I have a 1X1 inch scar from a black widow bite on my arm from when I was a kid. My mom was very anti-hospital mostly because of money. After a month or so, this swelled to a golf ball sized cyst that had to be surgically removed. I guess the red line going up my arm was the final thing to get me to the doctor. Got to love old school people.

    Call poison control.

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    Brown recluse and black widow are associated with significant disease, but very rarely death.

    The brown recluse bite can, but not always, cause necrosis of the tissue. If it doesn't get better or gets worse, I'd see a doctor.
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    Wow after reading all this, I am even more sacred of spiders! I hope the itch and pain improves soon and that the bite isn't serious.

    On the lighter side, do you feel yourself developing any super powers like web slinging or spidey sense?