Spinoff about easy child wearing a bra


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Reading the post about it brought a question I have been having to mind. easy child is starting to grow underarm hair (it's quite long to my surprise) and she's always had hair legs. At what age do they start to shave and what razor do you recomment? I am not keen on the nair unless they've change it to make it less irritating.

As for the bra, when should they start wearing those? easy child has buds, they are visible enough if she wears white or form fitting.


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This has been talked about before and I think the consensus was an electric razor to start with. I dont have girls so I just watched the thread with interest.

How old to start wearing a bra or shaving would obviously be individual it would seem to me.


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11 is probably right... although I'd prefer 12. :smile:
I'd suggest shaving for summer or sleeveless shirts or shorts... my easy child used a regular plastic razor from the start and I was amazed at how quickly she picked up the routine, with-very few nicks.
I have not encouraged her to wear a bra but of course, she's into all the Victoria's Secret girlie stuff. We began with-dept. store starter bras and worked her way up.
I encourage her to only wear a bra if she has to for a sleek look, and when she's wearing a sweatshirt not to wear a bra at all. The elastic digs into your lymph system and interferes with-drainage.


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My daughter's friends started shaving in 4th grade. Did not seem like something I wanted to fuss over, so I got her an intuition razor. It is much harder to cut yourself with one of these. At this point she does her pits, but rarely her legs.

As for the bra, she insists on one. But she really needs one, has for the last year. She is 11.

it all depends ont he girl, in my humble opinion.



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I am an anti-bra person so my advice is probably not what you want to hear. I am 'naturally' endowed, and have hated every bit of it my life. I find bras extremely uncomfortable and irritating. When my daughter, who is not well-endowed got to that age, it was the only issue that her dad and I disagreed on. I said, "Wear one if you want...if not, that is other people's issues." I don't care if people look...I don't care if it doesn't look tidy. It's me and that is what you get. Not been a popular choice with me being a teacher. :wink: I've gone to clothes that I can wear a spaghetti strap top under a shirt.

I don't think you can put an age on this. It's a comfort zone. She will let you know if this is an issue for her.



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Nice to know I'm not the only one, Abbey. I do not wear a bra and never have and I am not small. "Sagging" occurs as a result of lactation, weight fluctuation, and aging. It has no bearing on bra usage.

The only time I wear a bra is when I'm horseback riding and that is because otherwise I''m uncomfortable. Then, I wear a sports bra. It comes off as soon as my feet hit the ground.

Look, I'm a female. I have :censored2: and I have nipples. If it bothers someone else to see :censored2: being :censored2: I figure that's their problem and not mine.

I also do not shave and never have. I have next to no body hair and what I have is transparent.


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There are not many issues that I stand on, but this is one. I could build a soap-box 1000 feet tall. But...I will spare you.

People say..."What about these young boys who see cleavage?" I say...get a life. It's human development. Get over it.

It's who I am and I'm not going to try and modify it, as much as I don't wear makeup and designer clothes. I am who I am.

Touchy issue with me.