Spring break...dare I jinx it?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Mar 29, 2011.

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    Wee is on spring break this week. I have been wanting to post, but even tho I'm not really a superstitious person, I can't help but worrying, ya know?

    But, things have been going good! He started the year reading maybe 20 "site" words. He reads 100 solid site words now, and is starting on the second list of 100. He also read phonetically, so he is sounding out words and reading signs, labels, etc. His self esteem has improved drastically. Our Amish friend noticed last week he is somewhat calmer (tho he still took off playing tag with the Amish kids - with whom he's friends! lol)

    He went back to school for the Valentine's day party (something he hasn't done in quite some time because he's usually been suspended for the day of the party) and lo and behold that was a turning point for him! So he is now going to the mainstream classroom for math, for which he is back on grade level with.

    He is working with his dedicated para alone part of the day...the sped teacher doesn't have to be with them all the time anymore. And honestly, we're ready to look at bumping his day up a bit longer again.

    I so pray I didn't just jinx it all...but I wanted to update.

    Oh, and as for me? My physical therapists are absolute gems (but I knew that...that's why I went back to them.) Still fighting scar tissue in my ankle, but my ankle PT has devised a new stretch that is totally kick-butt! lol I have almost doubled my range of motion in a week! (hurts like hades, but man, when its done, it feels AMAZING!) I have taken a few steps that even felt almost "normal" again. Yesterday, I had to park in an adjoining lot, and the folks at PT watched me walk in. My ankle PT said "I thought that looked like you, but the pace was too fast, and the strides too long and even". :bigsmile: He couldn't have said anything nicer. Funny thing is, I think he really did think it couldn't be me! No step is without pain, but I am able to walk a good portion of the time without limping (tho sometimes I want to!) and normally. Sensation is still reduced and funky, but I am getting more feeling it. All in all, I can't complain.

    The wrist is coming along as well. Working on extremes in range of motion and strengthening.
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    :bravo: :beautifulthing:

    I'm so proud of Wee!!! Woot!!!!!

    And you, too, girl... Keeping after that PT canNOT have been FUN at all!!!
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    This is good news on all fronts! I'm so happy for you!!
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    Thanks ladies.

    No, "fun" is not an adjective I'd use with PT. lol. I do enjoy the people there, tho. They've made it easier to keep going back!

    Kinda funny, our Amish friend, and they don't "spare the rod" saw the value in ignoring a lot of Wee's behaviors. As I was telling him how he's learning to read, etc, he is saying "well surely that is making the other situations better....I've always thought if someone would just work with him..." Gee, public school...the AMISH dude gets it...lol But I digress...things are going good. I'll take it!
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    Three cheers for Wee! And for you, too!