Spring - make Bi=polar worse>?



Sorry I am trying to keep myself occupied so I can keep ignoring the minion kicking holes in my wall at the bottom of the steps.

The Psychiatrist mentioned yesterday that Spring triggers a cycle in a lot of Bi-polar kids and adults because of the added sun light and more outdoor exposure? Has anyone else heard of this? I was so excited about Day light savings starting early, if only I knew!


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I have bipolar and I can't speak for anyone else. I would have a "good" year and a "bad" year. When it was a bad year, the entire year was bad. I actually think the winter was worse for me because of lack of things to do (distractions) and lack of sunlight. Lack of light makes me depressed. I suppose maybe in some the sunlight causes mania. But it didn't happen to me.


It's called March Madness because some kids with BiPolar (BP) go into mania in the springtime. My kids have actually done pretty well this spring, but they're fairly stable on Lamictal.

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wm has always fallen apart in spring; kt more now than in the past.

Each hospitalization & ensuing Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement happened in spring. That's not to say that things weren't happening to build up to the spring "meltdown".

I watch the seasons, days of the week & times of day very closely. It helps me to know the "witching hour" for kt. Foster mum has noticed about the same timing for wm.


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Yes, spring time is documented as a trigger for some BiPolar (BP) patients. Since my son was 4, Spring caused mania. At first I just thought it was allergy related Spring stuff - but now, at age 16, I know it is his illness. This year, his grandpa (my Dad) was diagnosed with brain cancer, the day of daylight savings time - it is about more than he can handle - a major stressor in addition to his mania starting to cycle. AAaahhh! :mad: Actually, it has been more than I can handle - but that is another story. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/tired.gif

Last year we added black out shades to his windows, and it helped a lot with the cycling - something to think about. As weird as it sounds, mentally it helps to be a bit more prepared for the Spring - I always start researching new medication options around this time, and make sure things are as physically and emotionally as stable as can be. Last year, there was absolutely no cycling - and I felt quite excited.

Good luck - and yes, it is a well researched attribute of BiPolar (BP) patients - just like depression can be classified as SAD in some patients.