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    I have decided to apply for SSI for difficult child. They ask a ton of questions and I do not have the original dates of tests. Geeez, he has seen SO many doctors over the past 15 years I don't know. Will this be a problem?

    We can deal with bipolar and such, what we cannot deal with is the depersonalization. That has sucked the life out of him and he cannot do activities because of this. He quit sports, rarely leaves his room, nothing is fun...etc.

    Also, by applying, will this affect him getting his drivers license? He has his permit, but isn't very interested in driving due to the depersonalization. He knows when it bothers him most and when he can or cannot drive. Would getting SSI hamper his drivers license?

    They also told me they go by household income. Well, I have a pretty good job, but when you figure in all the bills, we have nothing left each month. Not even enough to buy a new car, and I have to travel 65 miles to get to work. To be approved for this would we have to be eligible for reduced lunch or other programs??? because we don't.

    Just wondering if this is a waste of time or not.
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    Until difficult child is 18, it will be based on income of the family. Once he is considered and independent adult it will be based on his income. I do not believe having or not having a driver's license makes a difference. We didn't apply until 21 so I'm not sure but it was never asked. You do need evaluations and reports by the specialists. He will have to see one of the SS. specialists for an evaluation before a final determination is given.
    Waste of time is dependent on what you expect. In our case it was a way to access services that aren't readily available to the private sector like case management and job coaching. It allows your son medicaid if medical coverage is a problem or will be a problem after 18. Income wise, it isn't much especially if he lives at home but it helps to feed and clothe him.
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    It is based on income for SSI which is Supplemental Security Income instead of SSDI which is Social Security Disability Insurance which is the disability you get if you worked long enough credit hours as an adult to pay in. Thats the FICA Tax you pay.

    Now you can go on the SS website and probably find their income guidelines to see if you meet them, however, it may not be a bad thing to apply ahead of time anyway. If he gets approved...and it is possible it may take a while to get the approval including having to get a lawyer to appeal, even if you are over income, if he is considered disabled but over income, when he becomes an adult, it will be easier for you to transition him to SSI as an adult. You have to do that anyways so you will be one step ahead.

    I will give you a glimpse of income...back in 95 through 2001 when I worked and Cory was on SSI, I made roughly $23K but I also had 2 other kids in the household. He was eligible for right around $80. It actually dropped down at one point when Billy aged out to around $20 but the best thing was the medicaid. I could have never made it without the medicaid for him.
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    I thought I was applying for disability. But the person I talked to said no, SSI. I talked to the Dean of his school, and she told me that he definately should qualify for disability. She has worked closely with him for the past few years. she did warn me that they will probably deny the first time and to keep on trying. The medical expenses is what is draining us. I can't afford to bring him to more places for more treatment. Now that my job has switched there is no mental health coverage on my husbands plan. Some how it is incorporated in the medical. But all is considered out of network until the deductible is met. I don't know what will happen, but I filled out the paper work this morning(three hours), and we have an appointment next week. From that point I have no idea what will happen.
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    SSI is disability for children or people who have never paid in to the Social Security system.
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    Hey! I just finished and was approved for the whole crowd. I will tell you this: make it your business to make him as much of a person in front of the person doing the application. Try and get in tight with them. I keep my kids stuff in 3 ring binders and I have their picture on the front of the cover - but the pictures are of them when they were 3, 4, and 5 - make sure it's a really cute picture. Try and read into the person and see if there's a common ground that you can chit chat about. Make difficult child appear to be a truly hard luck kid whose heart is breaking because he can't funtion appropriately.

    See, to most of these people, you're another drone passing by their desk. Make them see how personable and loving he can be.

    Good luck!

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    Beth, good advise. I think that is why Cory got his the first try when he was 5. He was in the office practically terrorizing them and it was all I could do to keep him contained. I caught him right before he was fixing to turn off the main power line to the building!

    But he did it with just the cutest little imp of a smile!!!

    Then when I got mine, no one really got to see me much until I went before the judge and he was mightily po'ed that they had wasted his time when he read the full record and took one look at me. Especially when he found a place where THEIR own doctors had recommended that they approve me for disability back in 03! He approved me from the bench.
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    A few months after husband died I applied for survivor's benefits for kt & wm; within 6 months I rec'd a letter from SS informing me that the tweedles were/are eligible for disability. wm has already been approved ~ kt is in the process.

    The process was complex but I took it step by step & have all the documentation & providers names & number available which cut a lot of time out of the process.

    Good luck & keep us updated.