Stabbing at difficult child's high school and of course he saw the whole thing...


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NOT. Got a heads up call from his case manager telling me that the stabbing happened, difficult child was not involved in any way (whew) and that he might try to exagerate it. (He was in class when it happened and there was no way he saw any of it.)

Sure enough, when I got home tonight (later than usual because of some running I had to do) I asked husband if difficult child had mentioned it. Evidentally, my step-mom had heard about it and called to make sure that difficult child was ok. difficult child overheard the conversation and afterwards when husband asked him about it, he told husband that he saw the whole thing, the kid ran past him after another kid and then he saw the kid stab another with a fork (it was a knife) around sixth period. (it was at the end of the final lunch period. And at last report, the boy who was stabbed was doing ok in the hospital. He was stabbed in the abdomen and is listed as stable/good condition) He also told husband that a cop was running after the attacker. (according to my good source, the stabbing happened and the attacker immediately dropped the knife and was taken into custody by school officials quietly.)

Yes, I'm appalled that it happened and grateful that difficult child wasn't involved in any way but I'm also just shaking my head at difficult child. Does he not grasp the seriousness of it? Does he really have that much need for attention that he's making it up or somehow weaving what he heard in the halls into some scenario in his mind? It's not like he's making himself out to be the one who bravely tackled the kid, wrestled the knife from him and presented him to the befuddled cops but geesh. What's up with him???

I'll update when I hear more about the victim's condition.

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I'm glad difficult child didn't see it happen. I'm not sure about why he made it up-I don't think it's that uncommon among difficult children but I don't know why.


so sad, I could see my difficult child's saying the same thing. When difficult child II was in 1st grade a classmate brought in a metal fork from home and stabbed two class mates that had been picking on him, there were minimal injuries, but it was tramatic all the same, and difficult child II still talks about.


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I think the need to be the focus of attention outweighs any
concept of telling the "exact" truth. Personally it is one of my least favorite difficult child characteristics! Hugs to you. DDD


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According to the paper this morning, the boy who was stabbed (16 yr old) on Friday was released from the hospital by 7 pm Saturday night. The knife that was used was described as slightly bigger than a pocket knife so it sounds as if he's doing well. There is a hearing scheduled tomorrow for the attacker 14 yr old :wildone: . They haven't determined if they are going to charge him as a juvenile or as an adult.
It's so tragic whenever there is an act of violence at a school! I'm happy to hear that the boy who was stabbed is doing well! I agree with DDD. difficult child 1 likes to be the center of attention and exaggerates ( I'm a lousy speller) just about everything. It must be sort of a difficult child trait...

I'm so glad your difficult child wasn't involved!!! WFEN