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difficult child has been having some difficulty for at least four-six weeks...nothing completely out of "major" outbursts..but definately anger...more frustrated...less able to handle things without getting upset...more issues with peers...unable to ignore little things which causes him to get angry...three to four arms crossed, angry faced, growling episodes a day.

Several teachers have come up to me and telling me about problems..getting angry...turning his back...putting his head down....grimacing....crunching paper...throwing it on the floor

The good news is that he is using strategies. He is walking away and finding a spot to get himself calm. He is generally able to express what is making him upset. But he is starting to cross that line....When he crosses the line, it is bad and people have finally started to relax around him.

What is causing him to get upset once again over little things? Why does get so irritated at so many of the kids?

We are starting to see a new therapist on Friday morning. I'm hoping this doctor is good. We visited p-doctor two weeks ago and we increased the trileptal from 750 mg to 900 mg. I'm hoping that some of these behaviors are due to the titrating of medication..and that in a few more days things will get better,however we increased the medications due to increased agitation and irritability..

I'm so hoping he settles down because he has done so well and if it falls apart it will really mess up all of the progress he has made this year.

So for now, I feel like he is actually using some of his strategies...which tells me the past two years of intense therapy is paying off, but I don't no how many more days he will do this without exploding.

Please send good thoughts our way....

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I'm glad to hear that difficult child is using his new coping skills. That's wonderful to hear.

I'm also happy that you've already seen psychiatrist on the medication side. Your difficult child is of an age where he's most likely in a major growth spurt & it's hard to keep up with the medications.

I cannot say what is "setting" difficult child off. Is it mostly during transition times? I know that the tweedles struggle with transition - I can count on that time of day being the worst.

Keeping fingers crossed that you can find out what's going on with difficult child. :warrior:

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It sounds like you are being very proactive. It is great that he is using his coping strategies. I hope he is able to continue to hold things together. Sending hugs and prayers your way that improvements are shown soon.