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    Nichole has been hee hawing about whether or not she's going to go back to school in the fall. A large part of this is due to the fact that boyfriend rides her so much about it all. The kid is worse than any parent.........and I have a feeling I'm gonna be feeling sorry for Aubrey when she hits school age.:tongue:

    So.......I've been pretty much quiet on it.

    Yes, she had always wanted to be a paramedic. She gave it a go, and really doesn't think it's up her alley. She'd considered going for an Art degree. But that doesn't seem to be lighting up her eyes either. Not surprising after all the work teacher was happy to tell her. lol Nichole enjoys art, but it's not a passion. Know what I mean??

    I knew she was hanging in that limbo stage. Just really didn't know what she wanted to do. Well, she knew......she was just too scared to try to do it.

    I walked by the computer a few mins ago and discovered her applying to the university of cincy. I asked what she was doing. (casual as I could make it) She said Mom, they've got an excellent vet tech program....and I'd get to work at the ZOO!!

    I wanted so very hard to laugh. So much so I bit my tongue to prevent it. Not at her. But because she went thru all of come right back to what she's always wanted to do. lol So difficult child. lol

    She still has to be accepted. But at least it's a step in the right direction. She's finally figured out that the problem with school so far is that she had no passion/love for what she was doing. (ya think?)

    She just might be that biologist yet. lol This is my kid who's life dream was to go to africa to live with the lions. :D She was dead serious about it from the time she was 3.

    By now I know just to roll with it. But I'd like to see this happen for her. At least I'd know she'd be happy to get up and go to work everyday.
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    Good for Nicole. I hope she gets in and boyfriend feels so threatened he breaks it off!
  3. susiestar

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    How AWESOME!!!!! UC is a great school and she will get a really strong knowledge base.

    Having a passion for what you do makes all the difference. It may even give her that extra bit she needs to tell boyfriend where to go when he gives her grief or pressures her.

    The zoo will be truly blessed to have her. Aubrey will ADORE going to visit Mommy at work, won't she?
  4. ML

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    I'm so glad she's come full circle to herself. The more she does for herself the less she will put up with from boyfriend. This is great news!
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    Way To Go Nichole!
  6. Suz

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    Lisa, has Nichole actually worked with animals before...or volunteered at the human society?

    I would urge her to get some "real life" experience (hopefully paid) NOW before she goes for something else she hasn't actually tried before. "Loving animals" is quite different from the reality of working with them. I have a concern that if she's not careful she will become a perpetual student with no real skills.

    Maybe she could spend part of this summer getting some practical experience to test her "dream" before she jumps into another program.

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  7. Hound dog

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    Yes, Suz. Nichole has worked with animals before. She's volunteered at our humane society. And she does all the first aide for strays in the area, and helps me care for our own pets. Plus there has been the endless array of injured wildlife she's helped over the years.

    Nichole prefers animals to people. She has a natural gift with them. They seem to trust her instantly, instinctively knowing her intentions are good. I've seen mistreated animals other people wouldn't go near, calm and seek attention from Nichole. Oddest thing really. And a bit eerie when you see it.

    She's seen both the good and bad when it comes to this. So, she knows pretty much what she's getting in to.

    Now if the acedemics of it will be too hard for her........Well, I haven't a clue as I don't know anything about the schooling/courses involved. But I do know if it has to do with animals, Nichole sits up and pays attention. :)

    I've been worried about the professional student thing as well. She'd been talking about doing respiratory therapy.....and that one I just really couldn't see her doing. She can intubate with great skill, but wandering the hospital all day giving people breathing treatments would bore her silly.
  8. Suz

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    I wish her well!

  9. skeeter

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    Lisa - I tried to get NL to apply for that program. I can give you some of the details.

    I also have an AS from one of the corresponding areas - it was called Science Tech then, but I think the name has changed.

    For Vet Tech, you need to take the basics of freshman year. You also apply for the sophmore year at the same time. You won't be "accepted" into the actual vet tech program until you get the basics out of the way.

    Nicole will need recommendations from vets to be accepted. This will mean volunteer or work experience in the field.

    It's an excellent program, but it's somewhat competitive to get into, being that there's only 20 or so openings a year. It could very well be that Nicole takes the first year and then goes on a waiting list (just warning you on that). Freshman year will consist of chemistry, biology, math, English and either a history (we had to take Issues and Problems) or a psychiatric course. The freshman year is at Raymond Walters in Blue Ash, the sophmore year is at main campus.

    Most of the people that get this degree work at vet offices, or for corporations that do animal testing of some type.

    As for working at the zoo, that's another story. That's an extremely hard job to get, and usually is one you "luck" into. One of the high schools in Cincinnati public is "Zoo School" and even they have a tough time being hired afterwards. There are only about 200 actual employees at the Cincinnnati Zoo - all the others (upwards of 1500) are volunteers.

    Not trying to dash Nicole's hopes, but did want to give you some details. Actually working with animals and getting paid for it is really tough. NL was working part time at our vet for 2 years, but was laid off when the office was sold to a conglomerate that didn't want part time employees, and refused to wait 2 months until he graduated from high school. Becoming an actual vet is REALLY hard - especially if you live in Ohio because Ohio State is the only school you can apply to - it's much worse than trying to get into medication school.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Thanks skeeter. I'll show this to Nichole. Good to know before hand and she can make a more informed decision. :)

    As for many of the basic courses, she already has them under her belt from community college and has checked to make sure they transfer. (which is often an issue) Although she'd probably have to do history if they still require it.

    I'm not sure if her sites are on the cincy zoo per se. If she does stay with boyfriend, the likelihood of him finding work in his field in this area are slim to none. So they'd be moving out of state eventually.