Still scared but not panicking.

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    I studied until 9pm tonight. I'm right on it and not putting it off. I'm practicing my Math. Thinking the whole time about the Lil' Engine that Could. lol Strange the thoughts that get you thru something tough.

    I am not confident. But I no longer panic. I've practiced the math so much I *think* I'm better at it that I was the last time. I can recognize what a word problem wants me to do and don't spend 10 mins trying to figure out how to do it. I do it pretty quickly and usually come up with the right answer. I don't look at certain problems and want to cry anymore. lol (always a good sign) Of course there are still word problems that trip me up on occasion. But they are few, so that's ok. I'm not shooting for perfect, I'm shooting for higher than a 60 percent in the Math section which is what I got last time. (first time was 40)

    I've told myself I am not going to look at the clock on the math section because they've given us what amounts to the normal classroom time to take the test. So I keep repeating to myself it's just like taking a normal math test. *I think it's starting to sink in* :)

    I took the math test today and scored a 83 percent (figured that out myself lol) !! This does not mean I'll do that well on the test itself. But it does show I'm getting it. (and I had Aubrey trying to "help" me the whole time)

    I think the anatomy and chemistry is coming back for the most part. Still have alot of studying to do there. I think I have the bulk of it though, just some fine tuning. And if they ask something I haven't gone over......well, can't help that cuz you just can't go over everything. It's impossible. And I've studied the other sciences they reviewed in the book as well.

    The next 2 days I'm going to keep practicing the math and going over the material.

    husband asked if I'll try taking it again if I fail this time. No almost came right out. Then I thought about that quitting thing I have. I've put alot of work and effort into this. Tons. What would I tell Nichole if it were her? What did I tell easy child when she failed her RN licensing test?

    So I thought about it. You know, I got thrown out of the science portion of the first test. For all I know that whole section I didn't even get to take could have been just like the nitemarish part of the 2nd version. And even though that 2nd version was the test from hades (and trust me it was) I still only missed passing by 2 points. Pretty good I guess when I didn't know at least half of what they asked in the science area as it's way above my level. If my Math grade had been higher, I'd probably have passed ok.

    So. Although if I fail I'll be utterly devistated.....and oh, yeah, I will be crushed. I will take the test again. I'll try for Jan, but will take the first available spot. And I'm going to stop worrying about the money. I pay for it with my FASFA refund anyway. It's not coming out of family funds. (I think not thinking about how much it costs will help too)

    But I'm not quitting. And I'm not running away. I'll take the d amn thing until I do pass it. Or until they tell me to stop wasting my time. lol I figure at the rate my Math is improving......hey, the worst it will take is 2 more times.:tongue:

    And Abbey, I'm pretty sure it was you, bless you for the instructions with the percents!!!!! Santa better be extra good to you this year. Cuz it has made a VAST difference in my Math ability! And it's helping me to set up word problems that aren't percents too. (if that makes sense) I solved my first " If jan is 1/2 of Stan's age and Stan is 2x older than Joe, then how old is Jan?" word problem!!! First time in a lifetime of trying!! :D And I got it right! Woot! lol Should have seen me dancing around. :D

    Oh, and who mentioned strategy?? Cuz I've got my ducks in a row. Thursday evening I'm off to walmart to buy graph paper, pencil lead, and a magnifying glass. Why the magnifying glass?? Because I need a new prescription on my glasses and for the English part I have a really hard time distiguishing the commas from periods and quotation marks from apostrophies. Which bites when you're supposed to be looking at them trying to correct the mistakes.

    And easy child's bff is the proctor for the exam. So I'm showing her my graph paper and my magnifying glass so she'll know I'm not cheating. (she does anyway) And I'm telling her that midway thru the test I'm taking a ten minute smoke break. (we're allowed small breaks) Trying to do that whole 4 hours without taking you're eyes off the computer is killer.

    So? Do I sound less panicky?? lol :)
  2. flutterbee

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    You do sound less panicky, but still nervous and maybe a little over-analyzing. ;) But, you sound like you have a good plan and are putting that nervous energy to good use.

    by the way, what day is the test?
  3. Abbey

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    Ah,'ll do fine. And if you hit a bump and don't pass, you can always try again.

    One of the things I loved so much about teaching math was girl's mentality. They were always so afraid of failure that they wouldn't even try. I hope a small part of what I passed on to them was that life sometimes you 'fail,' but you get up and go right back at it. In retrospect, you see that you didn't really fail. It was just a trial run or two.

    Go in there with chin up, graph paper, magnifying glass and kick some BOOTY!

  4. Hound dog

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    The test is friday, 12:30 = 4:30.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Lisa - sending you powerful thoughts of speedy test taking and and outstanding outcome!! You will do great!
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    Sending good thoughts! You'll do fine!