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    More info can be found at

    difficult child's therapist has one that he has shown us several times and let difficult child use during his last visit.

    The purpose is to work on being calm for a few times each day. It is a metal box that you put an index finger on. You earn dots for being calm. The goal is to have three dots at the same time and then you get one point. You try to earn 100 points in a short period of time (I believe therapist stated it takes him about 10 minutes to earn 100 points). difficult child earned 77 points before we left (I don't know when he started but had 13 points when I got in the room and I was there about 10 - 15 minutes).

    difficult child looks at this like a game. He is also being encouraged by therapist to do calming exercises several times throughout the day even if he is not feeling anxious. difficult child tends to forget to do this because there is nothing material to see the results or to remind him to do them. Face it, he is still trying to remember to do them when his anxiety starts up.

    Has anyone out there ever use one? Any experience with an 11 yr old boy? Did he continue or was this a short lived interest?
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    I have not used this, but wanted to thank you for posting this info. Anxiety is one of the biggest problems difficult child wrestles with and I'm interested in anything that could help. He is in therapy but doesn't always generalize what he learns there.
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    Love it! And if it was not $300 I would order it today! Yikes! That is pricey. Wonder if I can find some sort of hand held game that mimics it! LOL!