substance abuse facility locator/financial help

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    put out by the dept of health:
    "We are not a treatment referral agency and cannot make specific recommendations or endorsements of individual treatment facilities or types of treatment. All of the facilities listed in the Locator are licensed, certified or otherwise approved for inclusion by their State's substance abuse treatment authority. To make certain that a facility identified by the Locator meets your particular needs, call the facility directly. "

    good index gives state by state locations.
    also in that site there is a link to getting help when you have no money or insurance to help your child, and answers to other questions such as if they are over 18 and refuse help...
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    Thnaks, I have not got a current need, but have saved in my favorite places because I problem will someday. Very thoughtful of you to post this.


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    Thanks, Janet. I'm going to move this to our archives in another week or two so we'll be able to refer members there in the future.

    Thanks for posting it.