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    I'm going to have to find something for difficult child. He hasn't used again as far as I know but even if the PO doesn't catch difficult child on the urine testt (he already knows), I still need to get difficult child some real education on where this type of thinking can lead and just a little introduction about what this type of thinking is. PO ould order it and Department of Juvenile Justice pay for it, however then PO would have to give difficult child another violation and he doesn't want to do that. Plus, the program Department of Juvenile Justice pays for is more for kids who already have habits, are on probation trying to prevent going to state Department of Juvenile Justice, where difficult child just got out. I don't think this is the right fit. The military use to have 4 day courses where it really educated you on things (family dynamics from generation to generation) and got the point across about how the first little bit that is so easy to control ends up being a horrible disaster in your life. I'm sure their must be things like that ITRW but I have no medication insurance. I guess I can google around and try to find something around here. I thought PO would probably be ok with it if I even put 2-3 different types of things together and we agreed that IF difficult child did all those, he would not be violated for this, but WOULD be violated if he didn't show up or comply. But I can't even find a dern phone number for NA around here to see if they have a couple of open meetings with a younger group that I could take difficult child to. I can probably keep digging and find that out by Monday. Then, maybe I can find another community program like they had on drinking- that difficult child didn't come home to attend. I can't think of any kind of community service that would help difficult child learn something about substance abuse (why it's stupid)- can any of you? He's stuck on "a little won't hurt me, I won't get addicted- I'm not interested in anything but pot anymore, etc" and definitely has the stinking thinking of justifying and thinking backwards when making decisions and choosing friends.

    Any other ideas? And a therapist who uses a sliding scale won't work- my scale is already broken. LOL!

    We talked quite a bit about families (including extended) and how all this plays into things and a LITTLE about my history of how I used to handle things and where it got me- that I'd never told him before. I'm not sure yet if it helped any or not.

    Oh- I'm putting this in WC because it seems a little Occupational Therapist (OT) from typical difficult child issues and I thought you ladies over here might have more ideas about this type of thing.
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    Here we have a teen type place that is supposed to be drug free and the kids can go, hang out and also get some education about sub abuse. If they have been in trouble at all they get ordered to attend this place.

    I would be surprised if your area doesnt have something similar to be honest. Its not NA or AA.

    Try googling drug free teen centers in your locality or even look up those in your phone book in the blue pages. Or 211
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    Ok- thanks!