Substance Abuse Treatment For Children and Adolescents: Questions to Ask

Thanks. If you ever see anything on dual sub abuse and mental health programs I'd appreciate it. Everything I've found on the sub abuse programs seems to focus on the sub abuse. Which is still secondary to the BiPolar (BP) issue in my kid. So I'm still looking for the elusive mental health program. NOT the emotionally disturbed program aka warehouse till they turn 18. I've only found one program in NJ- and aside from no money to pay for it, of course it's full with a waiting list.


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Thanks Alisha. I've added it to "the library
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Keep those facilities coming! yes, East Mountain Lodge which is part of Carrier near Princeton is the only one I like on paper and from talking to them. Haven't seen it yet but it is a medical facility. So it's #1 on my VERY SHORT list. They only start at 13 which he won't be until jan and they're full and I have no funding.

The other one appears to be in Delaware. My understanding - from facility directors I've talked to is that it's impossible to get Medicaid funding for something outside of NJ. In theory it's possible if you can prove that every suitable facility in state is full. Then it's an argument as to what's suitable!!! If I'm going out of state I'm still partial to the place Mose's daughter is in.

On top of funding I've got to deal with his age for the next few months until he's 13- that was part of the problem last Spring when I was talking to places.


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OTE - I thought I hit the jackpot, because Carrier's main page says ages 12 and up for inpatient. I didn't read much beyond that, other than it says dual diagnostic, which I knew you were interested in.

I'll keep digging. If I find anything else,I'll pass it along -