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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Zardo, Jun 12, 2013.

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    So - probation meeting yesterday. Of course, the morning of, difficult child and husband had an all out blow up and difficult child took off and almost refused to go to meeting. It's the only blow up since he got back from rehab 7 weeks ago. We were able to deescalate things and he came. It's been up and down over the 7 weeks. His home behavior MUCH improved, much more connected, much more pleasant - helping around house - sometimes more than others, but at least some. His friends have been real true fri3ends - letting me know when there's an issues, pushing him to accept help. Not sure if I updated everyone that about 2 weeks ago we did find out that he has been using alcohol extensively, alone at night by himself heavily for about 3 weeks before we found out and put an end to it. He's been back on board for about 2 weeks. He is "trying" to an extent. Goes to AA of his own accord - doesn't need me to remind him or push - but he is doing it for probation and still claims not to like it. He has agreed to meet with an individual counselor as well now - that starts next week. So - probation told him/us that they think he's doing a good job and making progress, but that they recognize that he has a serious addiction problem and his whole program will be geared to recovery. They are mandating continuing AA, indiv, adding a once a week adolescent relapse prevention group, psychiatric evaluation and medication management (to this date he has refused all medications, no longer an option), curfew and either he gets a job or they will set him up with volunteer hours 3 days per week. It's no joke. If he fails, they told him the place he will go - it's a 30-45 day rehab. They almost started with that, but he just got out of rehab so we're giving this a try first. The PO and I talked privately and she said she believes the 30-45 day program may not even be enough - she would love to see him in a 6 month program - it's been going on too long - he is struggling to accept help - even in rehab and if we can privately fund a long-term program she would support that. husband may refuse, he has had enough of the drama and out of pocket cost - "we have done what we can do, we're not mortgaging out future"......such a long road - no guarantees......
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    Oh Zardo I so understand. Three years ago I was just where you are now. The longer you can keep him in any program the better. It is a long road. Recovery is tough. He is very lucky to have you and husband in his corner. Like they say in al-anon...keep coming back.
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    Hang in there...we'd be nowhere if it werent for medication.