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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jun 2, 2009.

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    so i took today off, we get our birthday off at my company and i didn't take it that day yet took it today because i knew it was time to sit down and figure out what i was going to do with difficult child this summer and work.

    so, i've sat and tried to rearrange my schedule to fit in difficult child time, a full case load her doctor and therapist appointments and so far i'm in need of one more weekday lol. this isn't funny. sheesh

    i can't put her in camp, wanted to even though i can't really swing it financially we're still trying to get back from my medical leave financially and what that did to us. easy child also charged our cell bill up with "premium txt messaging, i guess horoscope stuff like that and they shut our service off i just couldnt' swing 500 cell bill again. Yet i figured what i could do is hire a college student, clean license someone who can engage her and also bring her to park etc. so i placed an ad today, than i am searching for some type of tennis lessons, something that will have her around peers and interacting to give her some socialization. she refuses to go to anything at all, when we speak of it.

    so, it should prove to be an interesting summer indeed. i'm on 3 1/2 week countdown till last day.

    lately it just feels like one thing after another. i feel like i'm in a volleyball game or something just trying to keep the ball in the air sort bs.
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    Summer is a challenge. My difficult child is one who does not want to do anything either. I told him either he picks or I do. Even then he only got to pick one day camp, I picked the other one. This way he will pick one thing. He just does not do well if he just sits at home all day all summer.

    I can so relate to the volleyball game analogy. Lately I have dropped several balls, but they all go back up in the air again.
  3. Jena

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    sorry you struggle too. yes my balls go back in the air slightly deflated!! LOL
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    Is there someone working at boyfriend's restaurant who would like to also work as difficult child's sitter? Or maybe an employee or customer knows someone who would be able to do this?

    I just remember that the best babysitters we had, other than my parents, were people I worked in a restaurant with.

    And there is that pool of employees to pick from if they can come to your house or whatever.

    I would also contact the psychology departments and education departments at any universities close to you. Heck, even some of the 2 year colleges have early childhood development depts (I know she isn't in early childhood but students studying that will be liekly to be interested in the job) and you could contact them.

    The other resource is the local girl scout office. Not to put difficult child into scouts but to see if they ahve any leaders who are in college who might like a job.
  5. ML

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    Susie has great ideas (as always).

    Manster doesn't ever want to go anywhere or do anything either though like most of our kids, winds up having fun despite himself. Must be transitions or something.

    This is already our second week of summer. I have him in daycare/camp only 3 days a week to help costs which means between my mom, husband and I we will be taking turns on T/Th. It takes a Village! Their group is touring the Celestial Seasonsings plant today. We had insomnia though (up since 4 when he woke up for the second time I couldn't go back though he's sawing logs now :)) so I hope he can hold it together.

    Good luck finding someone. I have a hunch you will!

    Hugs and Happy Belated BD xo ML