Summerfest and Diva puppy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    difficult child decided to put diva puppy in a dog show at our small town USA summerfest celebration.

    He signed her up for small bred and handling. I laughed so hard at handling. Our puppy is so much a diva. You do not handle her. She is more like a Siamese Cat who will do things on her own time if at all.

    She did not make the cut for small dog. Bummer! However, difficult child took that very well and spent several minutes pampering her and telling her what a good job she did.

    Then the handling part. husband was there but decided to go into his office (1/2 block away) before the handling show started.

    Diva puppy was amongst about 16 - 20 dogs of all sizes. All they had to do was walk in a circle as the judges picked the top dogs. (Like I said, SMALL town USA!) Diva puppy was one of the top 8! So, I called husband and told him to walk outside to see if he could hear if the judges asked difficult child a question.

    Diva ended up with 5th place. Well, I suppose techniquely it is difficult child that got 5th place since he was doing the handling.

    Get this - They received a PINK ribbon!! PINK - Diva puppy's favorite color (o.k. Diva's favorite but puppy is really hers and she buys everything pink for her).

    So, I call Diva who is out of town and told her about the win. I told her that since it was a PINK ribbon, she can call that as 1st place because that is the ribbon she would have wanted if she choose by color!


    I can't begin to tell you how proud we all are of diva puppy!
  2. susiestar

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    I am sure Diva puppy was wonderful!! The judges just didn't give her 1st because they KNEW that the pink ribbon was more Diva Puppy's style.

    Will Diva paint puppy's toenails to match the ribbon? If you use the fast drying nail polish it is pretty do-able. Just make sure that puppy isn't allowed on carpet or furniture until the polish is dry.

    I bet difficult child did an awesome job of showing puppy! He deserves a ribbon too, but will probably settle for a funnel cake or some ice cream.
  3. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Susiestar - I love how you explained the pink ribbon. LOL. That is exactly what I meant but couldn't figure out how.

    I don't know that Diva has painted puppy toe nails but I can see that as a strong possibility.

    And yes, difficult child did a great job. We think diva puppy was so tired from being down town for so long that she just walked in the circle. Other dogs were still curious about their surroundings and were trying to go where they wanted to go. The kids (handlers had to be 17 and younger) were all pulling on the leashes to get their dog to go where they wanted. I didn't see difficult child pulling the leash to get puppy back on course. He either didn't or was much gentler than the other kids.

    Oh, and I am sure this has been around but it was the first time I have ever seen it so I had one. Funnel cake with strawberries and cool whip on top! Yummmy!

    difficult child got some cheese curds and as he was showing puppy, a large beagle jumped on the picnic table and helped himself. LOL! I mentioned to the young owner that his dog should not be on the tables. He said he was trying to get him off. Large beagle did not want off the table. Poor kid he was pulling so hard and I tried my best to help him get the dog down without hurting the dog. Those picnic tables with attached seats can be tricky to maneuver. He finally got down and then came over to the other side of me to beg for the cheese curds. LOL!
  4. ML

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    That is so awesome! Congratulations to difficult child and diva puppy on a perfect victory.
  5. witzend

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    That's so sweet! I wish we had a small town show like that. Even my awful dogs might get something!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    My family has handled and showed dogs all our lives. It's not a profession for the weak of heart. To get a 5th place on your first try? FANTASTIC!!!!!

    Congrats to both difficult child and Diva pup!